James White wants to put Super Bowl-winning touchdown behind him

Photo via Patriots.com

James White's game-winning touchdown in Super Bowl LI capped off the most historic comeback in Super Bowl history, and it's a moment no one will ever forget.

White certainly hasn't forgot about it (how could he?), but he's trying to put it behind him and focus on the upcoming season.

“I traveled a bunch, but that was about it. I’m trying to put that in the past. It’s a new season. Nobody cares about that anymore. I just have to get focused on this year,” he said.

That's a classic Patriots mindset to have, but I'm sure White knows people still care about that play even if they won't admit it. That play, along with his performance in that game, will be talked about forever.

White caught 14 passes for 110 yards and ran six times for 29 yards plus the two touchdowns and a successful two-point conversion. You could make a legitimate argument that White should've been MVP, but that went to Tom Brady.

Regardless of anything else, White is appreciative of the opportunity he has with New England.

“I’m happy to still be here, happy to have more opportunities to be with this team. I’m just very excited,” he said. “It’s definitely nice, but at the same time, you still have to work. Nothing is for certain. You have to go out and prove yourself each and every day.”

Nothing is for certain indeed, especially with a crowded backfield in New England this year.

Pro Football Talk:

“For me, ever since college and Little League, I’ve always had other guys in the backfield so just make the most of your opportunities,” White said, via CSNNE.com. “Everybody’s going to have a role. You may play one play one game. You may play 60 plays one game. Just be ready for the moment when your number’s called.”

White has been the primary pass-catching back for the last year and a half, and his role should remain largely the same even with Rex Burkhead, Mike Gillislee, Dion Lewis and Brandon Bolden in the rotation.

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