Patriots players say Tom Brady talks the most trash on the team

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady doesn’t ever hold back his fiery passion for the game of football – even when it’s just in a practice against his own teammates.

After Day 2 of the Patriots’ minicamp on Wednesday, reporters got an inside scoop on Brady’s competitiveness and “trash talking” thanks to safety Devin McCourty.

When asked who talks the most smack out on the field, McCourty responded, “It’s definitely Tom. No doubt about it, it’s Tom.”

“Whether he’s in or he’s on the sideline, he’s probably the No. 1 guy talking. We have fun with it. That’s a part of this time of year, competing and talking trash. It helps everyone raise their level.”

Brady’s enthusiasm and banter with his teammates is actually a good thing, as it makes everyone else want to get better, too.

“We’ll laugh and joke in the locker room, but out here we get after it pretty well,” McCourty continued, “This will lead right into training camp, but off the field and inside the locker room, we’re all really close and we get along. But it gets going out here, and it should. I think everyone’s out here fighting for a spot, trying to improve each day, and right now it’s offense vs. defense. We’re going to compete and go at each other. It’s harder to find a balance now than it is when we get closer the season.”

On the field, it’s all business, but once practice is over, it’s all good.

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