Patriots' Super Bowl LI rings have an excellent new feature

(WCVB Boston)

It's that time of year yet again, where the Patriots collect their championship rings in celebration of winning the Super Bowl. Being the fifth Super Bowl title in franchise history and their second in the past three years, ring ceremonies seem to be old hat for them at this point.

Except Friday's ring ceremony featured a unique quirk specific to the Patriots' comeback 34-28 win in Super Bowl LI. The new rings are made up of 283 diamonds -- certainly shiny, but also a nice, subtle jab at the 28-3 deficit the Pats had to overcome.
Probably one of the best trolling opportunities in NFL history. And the ring itself doesn't look too shabby, either (no word on if Vladimir Putin is getting his hands on one, though).

According to SBNation, the Patriots held a very grandiose party -- no other way to celebrate that comeback, right? Popeye's chicken was served, Snoop Dogg and Gucci Mane performed, and players obtained rings from a secured lockbox at their respective tables. But when you win five titles, I suppose you get a pretty good idea of how these things are supposed to go.

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