Can the New England Patriots clinch a 16-0 record in the new season?

The time is now. You need to get your predictions in while they still count. Everyone seems to have an opinion about the New England Patriots. You might as well get yourself heard, especially if you have a particular interest in online betting odds.

These days, there is more excitement surrounding the betting odds that there is in the actual games that take place during a regular NFL season, though, that is only true within a small circle of sports enthusiasts.

Right now, whether you genuinely love football or it is the betting odds that get your blood pumping, you cannot avoid a conversation about the New England Patriots. After all, they are the defending Super Bowl champions and everyone cannot wait to see how they will perform in the new season.

No one can claim that New England’s victory was a fluke. They deserved their win and one can only assume that they will continue to dominate in the new season. In fact, the question isn’t whether or not they will dominate the season but how well they will dominate.

The Patriots currently lead the charts in every aspect and element you could possibly think of. The offseason did wonders for the team. They are definitely stronger than they were in the previous season and that should worry anyone that has to face them.

Right now, considering just how well the Patriots performed, you are probably wondering whether they have what it takes to make it through the new season undefeated. The Patriots achieved this feat back in 2007.

But that was a different team playing in different circumstances, and you couldn’t be faulted for simply dismissing the idea. Though, Tate Davis from USA Today will disagree with you. Tate believes that Patriots fans will see the team walk away with a 16-record.

There have been few predictions that have been quite as bold as this one. But Tate seems certain that Tom Brady can break a few more records this time around. Brady performed wonders last season, ending with a 14-1record. This season, the quarterback is in a far superior position because he has resources like Rob Gronkowski to rely on.

Tate cannot imagine any team actually stopping the Patriots, not with all the talent they have. Sure, they have a few difficult stretches down the line. But Tate believes that New England has what to takes to put the likes of the Chargers and the Raiders down.

Brady could soon add another Super Bowl to his collection. It would be an impressive feat and the Patriots are an easy team to make such predictions about. Tate Davis wasn’t quite as confident when talk turned to the other teams in the league.

Tate did think that a few teams would finish 12-4. He was certain that 12-4 would be the highest finish behind the Patriot’s 16-0 record. The New York Jets go no love from Davis who was certain that they would finish dead last with an absolutely abysmal record.

Tate isn’t the only one lavishing praise upon New England while ignoring the potential of every other team. It is up to Brady and his crew to live up to this hype.