Mama, Montana and 'Merica: How Tom Brady celebrated the Fourth of July

Screenshot via Tom Brady's Instagram

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had two birthdays to celebrate yesterday – America’s and his mother’s!

He spent the day on the golf course in Big Sky of Montana and shared a picture of himself on Instagram, pointing to an American flag-themed marker.

Brady then took time to make a sweet post about his mom.

Galynn Brady is a huge inspiration to her son. She was still recovering from cancer and treatment most of last football season and was only able to attend the Super Bowl LI game in Houston. It may have even been her strength and presence that gave Brady and the Patriots the extra push they needed to pull off that comeback.

“Family is so important to me,” Brady said, “My mom, she’s a wonderful inspiration for all of us. She’s such a lover. She’s such a caregiver. She is so compassionate and empathetic. I think that can teach us all a lot of those things.”

In the last few months, Galynn has finished her treatments and seems to be doing very well.

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