Matt Ryan is trying to turn Super Bowl LI loss into motivation

If Matt Ryan is able to take Super Bowl LI and turn it into some form of motivation, God bless him. There's no way I could do that if I was a Falcon.

But that's exactly what he's trying to do.

“I felt like I took a couple weeks to get away from it and spend time just relaxing and kind of disappearing for a bit,” Ryan said. “But when I got back, and we started to work on this 2017 season and the team that we have now, all of my focus goes there. I think you’ll always have a little bit of that scar that kind of drives you, and that’s fine. Never let go of that. But our focus is 100 percent about what we’re doing and what we’re moving forward to.”

It's not uncommon for a Super Bowl loser to struggle the following year. Look at the 2016 Panthers as the most recent example. Hopefully the Falcons have more mental toughness than the Cardinals.

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