No surprise here, Tom Brady among highest-selling NFL jerseys

( has released the best-selling NFL jerseys of the year to date, and in a completely unsurprising development, Tom Brady's #12 jersey is among the most popular nationwide.

Brady clocks in at No. 2 -- just behind the recently-unretired Marshawn Lynch of Oakland. Brady's jersey is the top seller in 17 states, though, compared to Lynch's 14.

Along with all of New England, Brady's jersey is the top seller in Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, Florida, Alabama, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska and Montana.

Two other Patriots are also in the top 20 jersey sales. Rob Gronkowski checks in at No. 10, while Julian Edelman is No. 16.

Pittsburgh running back James Conner has the highest-selling jersey among rookies, while Houston rookie Deshaun Watson -- after a successful college career at Clemson -- has the highest jersey sales in both of the Carolinas. Wasn't expecting that one -- it's reasonable to assume Cam Newton would be their top seller, though he does check in at No. 23.

Despite leaving the Vikings as a free agent for New Orleans, Adrian Peterson still has the highest-selling jersey in Minnesota.

Just two states, Colorado and Wyoming, have a defensive player as their top-selling jersey. That would be Von Miller of the Broncos.

Twenty-six states have a quarterback as their highest seller, mainly comprised of Brady, Watson and Dallas' Dak Prescott. The remaining QBs consist of Aaron Rodgers (Wisconsin), Matt Stafford (Michigan), Carson Wentz (Delaware) and Marcus Mariota (Tennessee).

My home state of New Jersey, unfortunately, is represented by Odell Beckham Jr.

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