Anquan Boldin is the newest member of the Buffalo Bills

James P. McCoy/Buffalo News
Considering the fact that the Bills have had one season over .500 in the last decade and their leading receiver last year was Robert Woods with an earth scorching 613 yards, I think it's safe to say that their passing game could use a boost. Welcome to the AFC East, Anquan Boldin
In 2013 Wes Welker left to sign with the hated Broncos and we released the slightly disappointing Brandon Lloyd because he couldn't fight for balls outside the numbers/he wanted to be an actor. (Really) We were reportedly looking for an "Anquan Boldin type." Then the Ravens traded Boldin to the Niners for a measly 6th round pick! I was crushed we didn't make a move. Boldin would go on to post the 4th highest yards and 4th highest touchdown totals of his career. But since then, his production declined. Last year he posted a career low in yards, 584, on 67 catches. One Danny Amendola and two bowls later, I have no regrets.

Fourteen WRs ever have caught at least one pass at age 36 and then signed with a new team at age 37, Boldin becoming the fifteenth. Only Art Monk, Jerry Rice, TO, and our own Irving Fryar went on to post a 300+ yard season again. The Bills threw the ball 51.38% of the time last year, good for the second lowest rate in the league. I just can't imagine there are enough targets to go around to make Boldin the 5th receiver on that list. So Anquan, good on you for still playing at a high level after you got your face smashed in by Eric Smith. Looks like Robert Woods' title belt is safe for now, because I'm sure Sammy Watkins pulled his hamstring just reading this.