Dwayne Allen says transitioning to Patriots offense is “extremely hard”

AP Photo | Michael Dwyer

Being the new guy is never easy, especially when you’re joining an intricate offense like the New England Patriots'.

Tight end Dwayne Allen joined his current team in March through a trade with the Indianapolis Colts, and his transition has been a work in progress.

“It is extremely hard,” Allen told the Boston Herald. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it.”

The 27-year-old joins an offense that has been running together for years. Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman have been operating and dominating the whole system for so long, and Allen isn’t afraid to admit that it’s hard to come into.

“It is hard but also stimulating and very exciting,” he said. “It is one of those things that where you pray for something for so long, and when it comes, you can’t cry because it’s harder than you thought it was going to be. You have to accept that and be grateful for it.”

Allen will have an opportunity to lineup alongside Rob Gronkowski and make a big impact on the offense.

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