Ring Envy - What Saints Fans Said - 9/17

This took a week longer to happen than it should have but nonetheless, Ring Envy is back! The Patriots got in the win column for the first time yesterday against the once mighty New Orleans Saints, who look more like they belong in The Longest Yard these days. You know your team sucks when your fans make jokes about the kicker being the best player on it. And yes, I know this picture needs to be updated. Anyway, let's hit it!

I desire Saints victory but seemingly all my teams are disappointing me

Detillier just said if the Saints win today it would be the biggest upset of the Payton era

Well. Time to get back on the saddle.

We will sack Brady a bunch

This will likely be the last time these two QBs meet. Regardless of what happens I'll at least enjoy that for what it is.

If we don't beat ourselves then we can win this game.

Sigh... an uncovered rb surely you're joking!!

Another first down. Not a good start.

Third down defense again...

Jesus this is clinical.

We stop them on 1st and 2nd down third down? Nah. You can have it!

Jesus ******* Christ man. I don't know why I hold out any hope.

And as every week since as long as i can remember we never ever cover the rb. Pathetic. Easy peasy another simple drive for an easy td. Disgraceful at best. Embarrassed at home already nice work guys.

**** this. Didn't take long for me to get down about this game.

Goal post is our best defender

lol. that didnt take long.

My expectations got tempered last week with the defense, so whatever.

Brandon Coleman's such a beast that 2 NE defenders went with him

We ran left and got 6 yards, so let's try up the middle for zilch

head scratch apocalypse

The dome sounds dead....

Lol just. Like. A. Book. 14-3 coming right up.

Not blocked, so that's a positive.

The over riding theme for me with the defense is how football dumb we are. That starts with coaching.

I've seen enough "two yards and a cloud of dust" already with AP.

Why does it feel like a loss when we kick a FG in our opening drive?

Gotta get Peterson his touches because reasons.

This defense is so horrible

Third and long. Right where they want us.

Un$$#%$# believable

F***ing embarrassment !!

Already know the headlines: "gronkowski is back!" "Patriots are the greatest team of all time!!"

If you want to get real drunk - take a drink every time a Saints player looses coverage because he's peeking into the backfield instead of, waiting for it, COVERING HIS MAN!

It sucks to be a Saints fan. Why am I even here?

Next year is our year!!.. I guess weve earned the Falcons motto now

Brady 130 yards so far in 1st quarter and 2 TD's!!!!!

Don't worry. It's only week two. We have plenty of time to right the ship. We'll be fine. The defense hasn't gelled yet. We still have Brees! We can still go 14-2!!!

Been watching this Jello for years now and it still looks like soup to me.

Why in the hell would you put a rookie on Gronkowski?

Pretty sure Tony Romo is Tom Brady's girlfriend. SO much bias during this broadcast but I quess I shouldn't expect anything else from an overrated Cowboy's QB.

Can we panic yet?

at least we'll have a high draft pick to use on the next bust

hmmm what bust we can draft in the top 5 next year.

brady looks like he's throwing darts.

I honestly think the Jets or browns would wipe the floor with the saints

Our defense has given up more points than 11 other teams combined so far in the noon games.

Good that romo is calling people out on defense

Am I hearing things, did they really call holding on the Pats? Didn't make any difference though, the D gives up 23 yards

Almost 300 in the 1st half. Sheesh!!

Brady is a monster man. We are not running with a defense that can hold the likes of him down. That's why I say...the only chance is for us is to get good at what we do...score points. I concede on this D getting it together. Wishful thinking, maybe,......maybe bc what else do we have?

Don't worry guys. We will get some trash yards. Get some stats. Win 4 games next month. Get the 14th draft pick and do it all over again.

I was hoping they would score 60 on us. Is that wrong?

The Colts are leading Arizona. Even Indy without Luck are better than us.

Matt Patricia for Saints HC... Dude has scraps ready to play SB caliber defensive football game after game.

This team is clown shoes

I hated Roger Goodell before it was cool.

They have, like, one receiver and no Gronk and still move the ball.

WAs that our 43 year old cheerleader?

That Saints cheerleader was as ugly as this game!

I kicked my son of of Netflix to watch the game. He sat here with me to watch this. I think that's some form of child abuse.

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