Thoughts and observations from Week 2: still kinda boring, but a step up

Last week I took my Patriots-colored glasses off to look at Week 1 across the NFL and give some of my thoughts. I kind of did it on a whim and ended up really enjoying writing about everything else that happened, so I'm going to keep it going. 

While I thought Week 1 was a disaster, Week 2 wasn't as bad, but it still wasn't great. 

  • Last week I wondered if the Bears were actually better than some people thought they'd be. Turns out they're about as bad as you'd expect. They put up no fight against a Bucs team that really looks like it can do some damage in the NFC.
  • Speaking of the Bucs, that Week 5 match up against the Pats looks even more exciting now. I don't really enjoy Thursday Night Football, but that should be a good one.
  • Once again, I think the Eagles had the most entertaining game of the week. Everyone thought Kansas City would kill them, but they hung tough. With the rest of the NFC East struggling, the Eagles might be in a position to surprise. On the flip side, though, Doug Pederson is an idiot and I think he could get Carson Wentz killed if he doesn't run the ball more often. No carries for LeGarrette Blount? That's insane.
  • I love Marshawn Lynch and he can dance all he wants. If anyone has a problem with it, then you hate fun. Not a surprise that the Jets got upset, though. That's going to happen to them a lot this season.
  • NFL fans in LA seem to really not give a damn that they have two pro franchises there. Part of me can't blame them. The Chargers and Rams both suck. But I've long thought west coast sports fans don't really give a shit about their hometown teams. Ever see Dodgers Stadium in September when L.A. is in the middle of a pennant chase, then see it a week later in October? 
  • The funniest thing that came out of L.A. this weekend was the Stubhub Center firing off a cannon at the end of the Chargers' loss to the Dolphins. The Bolts were lining up for the winning field goal with no time left and couldn't convert. There were so many Dolphins fans in the stadium making so much noise that I guess someone thought the Chargers scored and fired off a cannon in celebration. How wrong they were.
  • Any game featuring only field goals is a snooze fest. That's what Bills-Panthers was. Seahawks-49ers was also really boring even though there was one touchdown in the game.
  • I would rather be dragged around in makeup stores by my girlfriend for hours than watch two minutes of a Cleveland Browns game.
  • I thought the Cardinals might be in for a rebound year, but it looks like I'm going to be very wrong. Losing David Johnson definitely doesn't help, but when you struggle to beat the Andrew Luck-less Colts, you've really got issues.
  • Staying with the Colts for a second, Jacoby Brissett looked solid from what I watched. That interception in overtime is probably all anyone will talk about, though.
  • Did anyone see people calling out the Broncos' Brandon Marshall on Twitter thinking it was the Giants' Brandon Marshall? I love stupid people.
  • Tom Brady had more rushing yards on Sunday (9) than Ezekiel Elliott (8). What the hell happened? 
  • Trevor Siemian actually looks like a competent quarterback through two games. If he can be slightly above average, the Broncos have the best chance to challenge the Pats.
  • I was really looking forward to the Broncos-Cowboys game and was thoroughly let down. Dallas looked horrendous. Once again, a marquee match up doesn't live up to the hype.
  • The Falcons' new stadium isn't all that impressive to me. And the shadows on the field on Sunday night kind of threw me off. Both Sunday night games have been pretty boring to this point, and it might not get any better with the Raiders and Redskins going at it.
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