Tom Brady & Bill Belichick have contributed to J.J. Watt's Hurricane Harvey relief efforts

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When Houston Texans defensive end J.J. Watt started a campaign to raise money for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, it quickly took off and became a national story.

Watt raised $37 million in total, a small portion of which came from Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Brady donated $100,000 and Belichick donated $50,000. 

In total, upwards of 200,000 people donated to Watt's cause, which was powered by his social media accounts. While Brady and Watt will square off against each other at Gillette Stadium this Sunday, Watt said his and Belichick's contributions definitely will not go unnoticed. 


"It's incredibl[y] kind gestures," Watt said of what the Brady and Belichick contributed. "Just goes to show what type of people they are. Despite everything, playing a game against each other, having practice against each other, being in the same [conference] and things like that. For them to step up at a time like that and just help their fellow human is pretty special and I think it speaks volumes to their character.

"I'm very appreciative of that obviously, and I think the way both of them went about it as well, just kind of quietly behind the scenes. I don't think they even meant for it to get out, so good people. Much appreciated for sure."

There is no doubt that Watt really stepped up for his city. He will be asked to step up again for Houston this Sunday in a place that hasn't been too kind to them over the years. The Texans have never won a regular season game in Foxboro.

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