Best week ever / Worst week ever: Week 4


I’m not in the mood to spin clay out of shit today. That game was an unmitigated disaster. This is arguably the worst defense the Patriots have wheel-chaired out onto the field in recent memory. I don’t understand it at all. By all accounts it seemed that the Pats either added talent or stayed the same across the board on defense this summer. Yet somehow on game day they look like a bunch of #nerds answering sports questions on Jeopardy. What is, “They have no fucking idea what they’re doing, Alex.”

This game wasn’t a COMPLETE disaster because the offense was solid. Those last two drives were amazing, and it’s just further proof that Tom isn’t slowing down at all, and if the defensive side can compete, the Pats are still alive.

Best week goes to the offense. Stevie G was smashing kicks, Danny AmenBROla showed his late game heroics as usual, and of course Tom was breathtaking. Unfortunately, I’m so disgusted with this defense, that there’s not much else to say here. So we’re moving on to the issues.


Hey guys, how did Stephon Gilmore play yesterday??


I cannot even begin to describe my fury with this asshole. Week one he fooled me. Hand up, I admit it. I thought he locked down his side, and the miscommunication problems were not going to fall on his head. While I maintain that Captain Dev was subpar last week, it is now abundantly clear that the majority of the miscommunication problems all point to the new comer.

Hearing Duron Harmon’s comments after the game honestly made me sick to my stomach. It was shocking to hear a leader of this team all but come out and plainly say that Gilmore is so incredibly stupid that he is single handedly decimating the defense. This guy is literally doing everything wrong. We saw numerous plays yesterday where Gilmore was flailing his arms, calling out coverages or motioning, and then before he could blink yet another Panthers played would be BUTT NAKED behind the defense. It was atrocious.

In addition to Gilmore spending time waving goodbye to receivers as they blew past him like a god damn toll both worker, he also shot himself in the foot with a few devastatingly timed penalties. Some of those calls were beyond bogus. That’s just a fact. But it’s the lack of situational awareness and the lack of accountability that alarms me about Gilmore. After the Devin Funchess touchdown we got a cut to the sideline showing Matt Patricia absolutely LAYING into Gilmore, Malcolm, and Rowe. Malcolm and Rowe seemed engaged and responsive. Taking in the direction from their Super Bowl winning coordinator. Gilmore on the other hand was looking off in the other direction with a smug look on his face. Now maybe that’s how he retains information, but last time I checked that’s not how you stay in the good graces of the coaching staff in Foxboro. It didn’t help when asked about his costly PI plays, he said that’s the only way he knows how to play… That’s what you want. Your highly paid corner telling the world that he sucks at playing football and doesn’t know or have any interest in getting better.

The secondary all together, and the entire defense for that matter, has a lot of things to work on or this is going to be a long and harsh winter. Gilmore was the star in the shit storm however, so he gets the honor. It’s very hard to not worry that 3 days won’t be enough time to plug up the holes on this sinking ship before taking cannon fire from the Bucs…

**Official David Harris snap count through week 4: 2
**Weekly “Are we sure if David Harris is alive” question: Really not sure…