Despite Christmas Eve blowout win, Bill Belichick expects competitive game against Jets

The Associated Press

Last year’s Christmas Eve game against the New York Jets may have been a fluke in Bill Belichick’s eyes; because as history has it, games between the Jets and the New England Patriots have been extremely close.

The last time the Patriots and the Jets met resulted in a 41-3 win for New England. However, the two teams had played seven games prior to that that had been decided by 7 or fewer points. Two of those games went into overtime, and four were decided by a field goal or less.

“With the exception of the second game last year, which I think is one that we’re certainly throwing out, it’s always been very competitive against the Jets,” Belichick said. “We’ve had a hard time down there, played a couple of overtime games, got beat two years ago. We know what it’s like to play the Jets in New York, and we’ll have to be at our best, be ready for their good players and their schemes.”

Belichick also said that the competition and historically close games between the teams can be related to the “high energy level and a lot of extra effort” that he sees from the Jets.

#PatriotsNation can hope for a comfortable win, but if history repeats itself, we could have ourselves a good, old-fashioned nailbiter.

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