John’s Well-Educated Guesses: Week 5

It’s always been my dream to start a blog series that would go until the end of the season.  This is one blog in that series, and I will answer for my predictions next week. 
Disclaimer: My takes are almost always correct.  So buckle up- buckaroo

Last week was an ugly one.  I do find solace that the Pats are always in it until the very end.  It seemed like the perfect chance for Tom Brady to engineer another game winning drive…oh well….any given Sunday…

Anyway, here we are talking about another game WAY too soon.  Ask me how much I fucking hate the Thursday game.  I just wrote one of these stupid blogs like two days ago, and I know I’m gonna drink too much and be hungover on Friday…and this is the second Thursday night game so far this year!  Here’s a thought…Since the Super Bowl winner always plays the first game on a Thursday, that should be their one Thursday game all year.  Call it an advantage of winning it all, but I hate that the team doesn’t get rest, I hate that they can’t practice, I hate the low quality of football played, and I hate staying up late. Hate, Hate, Hate.

Similar to the Panthers, I don’t know a ton about the Bucs since we play them so infrequently.  They are an occasional trade partner (Blount, Talib, Mankins), but otherwise this is the definition of an inconsequential inter-conference game.  Too early to tell if they are the real deal, but they are 2-1 after their forced week 1 bye…Wake me up when we play the AFC East.

In terms of what to look for, Jameis is obviously their guy.  He has fought the Bucs out of the basement, and they are looking to take the next step.  Their receivers are lethal with Mike Evans and Desean Jackson…OJ Howard is an interesting rookie who has been getting more productive.  Doug Martin is back too, so he could be a real factor if they stick with him.

I don’t know much about the Bucs defense, except they stink in pass coverage.  This Patriot offense is built to continue to roll, but its looking like they have to put up 40 a week for us to win.

Prediction: Famous Jameis will throw for over 300 yards:  I don’t know what to say about this defense at this point.  They honestly look competitive most of the game.  The coverage is there, the pass rush is there when we need it, and we are generally stopping the run.  It’s just 2-3 lapses per game (Thanks Stephon) that go for a 75 yard tuddy.  You can’t win if you are giving away free tuddies like that.  It pains me to predict this, but until they hold ANYONE below 300 yards, I gotta assume it’s going to happen.

Prediction: Gronk will play and be a difference maker: OK so this isn’t an earth shattering prediction (I need to get my average up),  but it was unsettling to see him on the injury report.  Let’s say he has to have 6 catches and/or a tuddy for me to be right.

Prediction: Stamina will be an issue:  The Pats are normally the best conditioned team, so I hope it’s not them that gets tired.  Tampa is hot and muggy, Florida is a house of horrors for a lot of teams.  I think the heat will be an issue of note in this game.

Prediction: Two crappy defenses, short rest, crappy game.  Pats win 38-31