Malcolm 'money' Mitchell getting himself ready to come back

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports
This past Friday, Money Mitch was in the Pats locker room during the media access portion. That marks the first time this has happened all year. He's officially eligible to start practicing again, and he recently started running. On Monday, Bill was asked about the chances Money comes back this season. "We'll have to see how it goes. There's still a lot of football left," said the coach. "Guys that could potentially be eligible to come back are working hard, trying to get better. They're improving, so we'll just see where all that takes us. I don't know."

Pretty typical Bill answer if you ask me. We all know that we have an IR problem. I wrote a think piece about it for crying out loud. The new rules allow two players to come off IR during the season. We have three real candidates. Shea McClellin, Vincent Valentine, and Money Mitch. I am so mad all three of these idiots landed on IR. I just needed it to be 2 of them so I could have all 3 back.

The fact the Money was "questionable" for week 1 blows my fucking mind. Putting someone on IR means they are out for 8 weeks minimum, so to give someone that designation it means they are so hurt you know they wont play for 2 months. Can't afford to burn a roster spot for 2 months. How could someone that hurt be questionable for week 1??! Think back to the Chiefs game. People were legit saying he was going to play right up until the game. Then the report was not only is he not playing, but also he's on IR. Cool. Great.

Anyway, when these three guys all died my first thought was give me VV Top and Money back, please and thank you. Shea Mac played 8 snaps in the bowl. Do not need. Then I started to think they would give Money the year off and bring back VV and Shea because the D looked so bad.

As I sit here on Halloween I have a new opinion. Shea has been practicing for 2 weeks and is the leader in the clubhouse to return. In fact I bet he sees snaps against the Ponies when we come back from the bye. That means the last spot is up for grabs between VV and Money, neither of whom has seen the practice field yet.

With the trade deadline come and gone, I think most people would say our biggest needs are edge player and WR. So maybe this is lining up perfectly. You bring back Shea and Money and fill both needs in house, without giving up any more mid round assets, a commodity we are lighter on than usual.

Since Alan Branch apparently STINKS and Malcom Brown is hobbled, I would really love VV. He was a delightful surprise as a 4th round rookie last year. But I think the rotation on the interior can survive with some help behind them. And the red area benefits of Money are so huge. We have never seen a rookie wide out gain Tom's trust as fast as Money did. Never. I don't want a full year to go by without them getting back in sync.

Also, Money finished the season last year with 32 catches for 401 yards and 4 tuddies. And he was a hero in the second half of the bowl but that's a story for another time. The point is, Tommy threw 28 tuddies last year in his should have been MVP 12 games. Here is the breakdown.

Bennett - 6
Sweet Feet - 5
Hoags - 3
Jules - 3
Gronk - 3
Dola - 2
Floyd (LOL) - 1
Lengel - 1


The kid is a weapon in the red area. Our offense hasn't been able to finish a drive since Nam. Give me the kid with the giant hands who fucking shows up in the clutch. Just ask Darrelle Revis. Money torched him so badly Revis has been looking for him since week 12 of last year. I got news for you Darrelle, you can find him Foxborough, lined up split left in week 12 against the Fins. Book it.