Ring Envy - What Bucs Fans Said - 10/5

Every week I do Ring Envy, I always go into it expecting a couple "fuck these cheaters," "fuck Brady," and "I hope Brady breaks his leg" comments. This might be the first time I haven't seen a single negative comment about the Pats. So, congrats, Bucs fans. You might be the tamest bunch of football fans I've ever come across. Despite there being no true vitriol against the Pats, Tampa fans are very quick to jump on their offense for putting up a putrid performance last week, and their hatred for Jameis Crab Leg Stealin' Winston is pretty funny. 

This game is a recipe for disaster for the Bucs: no pass rush, inconsistent running game, poor third down defense, defense doesn’t create turnovers, GOAT doesn’t turn the ball over…

Need more of that. A home game on Thursday night favors exactly one unit on the field. The home team offense. Let’s hope we have one hell of a point output tonight. I am afraid we are going to need it.

I’m interested to see how much blue will be in the stadium. I hope not much, but Pats fans are everywhere.

Rain takes Brady out more. Brady is that entire time. If he is not accurate they do not score. TB can run run run with Martin.

Crazy thing is if we were to win this game, the only thing the media will talk about is what’s wrong with the Patriots and not how bout the Bucs.

F Tom Brady!

As horrific as the Giant’s OL is, we couldn’t touch Eli last Sunday. Brady must be as gitty as a pig in shit. Maybe he’ll be so excited that he’ll make a couple mistakes? Yeah, who am I kidding? Lol

Watching the pregame and Brady seemed to be walking with a limp.

Boom! Brady with an uncustomary overthrow (open receiver) and a FANTASTIC pick by the rookie! Great play by J Evans. That was not an easy catch.

Defense generates a midfield TO and we do nothing with it.

3 poor plays by the offense with a chance to establish itself, maintain momentum, and get ahead. Not good.

Bucs nerves. Winston little off, people tripping

Still waiting on the Bucs to light up one of those so called “historically” bad defenses. Tampa Bay is the only team seemingly who could never light up the Saints during all those years of awful defenses, and thus far tonight, nothing.

penalties will be a difference maker in this one…both ways.

Bend but barely don’t break…lotta bending there, but at least only a FG. Now time to put seven on the board on offense.

Bucs making another awful defense look good. Not surprising considering they’re the only team that can’t figure out those amazing New Orleans defenses for the past seven years.

At this rate, our defense is going to be utterly gassed by Q3.

this “high powered” offense is so boring.

Winston needs to step it up, can’t be making them stupid throws under pressure.

So much for the Pats d being awful. Jameis and company will be lucky to score with how they are playing

Winston is KILLING our defense!!! You can’t keep going 3 and out and expect the D to stay fresh. You can tell they’re getting GASSED already.

This is bowling shoes ugly

I’m calling it now. Run on first down for 2 yards or less. Then deep ish pass incomplete. Then some bs play on 3rd and long. Punt.

Winston is playing awful. Wow…

It’s hilarious how much better Doug is than Quiz.

Doug Martin is still pretty good, guys.

They should call him dougie fresh legs dang Martin has some burst tonight!

Doug made chicken salad outta chicken shit outta that run to the goal line. He looks great.

I see more points coming our way in this game!

Brady being Brady…shredding the hapless Bucs “d”

Hargreaves a complete bystander there. Just hanging out. Relaxing. Being cool like the Fonz.

So what if Brady Mad. Time to match with a TD of our own!

And we start the drive with a Winston sack.. wonderful

Yet another horribly underthrown deep ball to Jackson from Winston.

Koetter has become a bad play caller since he became head coach

And a near interception… Winston throwing into double coverage.. Winston 0-4 on 3rd down .. I can’t believe anyone still defends Jameis as anything other than average…at best in a statement game against the defending champions

60 yards passing against the 32nd ranked pass defense

Like I said before, the Bucs are the only team in the league that can’t seemingly take advantage of these so called “terrible” defenses. It’s uncanny.

At least Jameis can take a hit cus he can’t complete a pass.

Folk is my hero

Run Doug till he fucking pukes! Its not rocket science.

Our decimated defense is better than our full strength offense

Case Keenum would’ve made that throw

nice to know I don’t have to waste my energy or attention on this dumpster fire of a team.

How nice it is that the Patriots have a kicker

All that pre-game talk about a shootout

Why do we have to shit the bed every time we play on tnf? Wtf is wrong with this team? Jameis finally gets his shit together and just drop city. Smh.

Amendola again being targeted. Koetter take notes on how to get the ball to your play makers

Oh hey a creative play design…. I didn’t know you could do that???

I can’t remember the last time I was this disappointed in this team. It’s like all the worst moments of the last decade in one night.

Lol Folk shouldn’t even walk in the locker room anymore.

Well, on the bright side, they’ve got 8 days to find that new kicker!

Wow. Folk is awful. And Brate should have made it null by catching one right in his hands.

Romo called this a benchmark game for the Bucs.

Ok, thats it. Im headed into 1 Buc on Monday morning to try out as a kicker. I’ll never make it, but if enough of us show up, they’ve got to do something. Hell, TRADE for a freakin kicker.

Bucs should be winning!!

We can’t get out of our own fucking way…….

So that’s what a real kicker looks like.

False start fail killed us

**** you Nick Folk…

Logged on for the first time in a while just to say…. goodbye Nick Folk.

Inconsistent “franchise qb LOL” Soft ass d Special teams is a joke

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