Ring Envy - What Falcons Fans Said - 10/22

This wasn't just any other game. Falcons fans had been waiting to get revenge on the Patriots since the end of Super Bowl LI. Unfortunately for them, it didn't happen. Atlanta looked pathetic and their fans were quick to point that out. 

We need this win more than we've ever needed a regular season win. The world will be watching; now it's time to perform.

**** the pats

Another game we should win. Their pass defense is atrocious. Still, my confidence is low because of our last two performances. My fondest hope is that win or lose, we play better in the second half. Giving up another comeback win for the Patriots will just about do it for me. Good luck Falcons!

I want so bad those NE fans to walk out of Gillette losers. 28-3

If you’re doing a shot for every 28-3 reference you’re either dead by now or %100 Irish.

Kick off is at 8:30 pm. I'm not watching pre-game, listening to 92.9 until 8:25 turning the TV on and muting it.

Really not interested in avenging a super bowl loss here. Just want this win to get them back on track.

honestly getting tired of the just another game mantra.. we heard it all during 2015 and we got our ***** handed to us all of 2015.. stop the theatrics dan.. you know you want revenge

I want to kick the living **** out of them, and run our other 2 road games then face Dallas 6-2 at home and whup their ***.

Shoot I feel like this game just needs to fast forward to the second half to see where we stand.

Sorry guys looks like my mom is watching the game tonight which equals another embarrassing loss. She's hasn't seen the falcons win since like 2008.

fk julian and his ridiculous catch that nobody should ever catch in 100 million years.

Here goes nothing.

Let's just win...dam all the other frabba jabba.

right away with the super bowl stuff nice

blow me collinsworth

We need to keep them for scoring this first drive. Not even a FG.

good job new england how many fkn fireworks did they have to set off inside the stadium...

let's go D, get this stop

Holding much?????

holds everywhere

Come on...stupid penalty.


Defense off to the expected start

Poe get yo fat *** off the field!!!

Belichick is telling the refs to do their job.

An officials timeout, that's one I haven't heard.

gonna be a fun night of yellow flags..

wait a penalty on NE? these refs will get pink slips if they're not careful

This team is not very smart

special teams always ******* around every week

**** penalties need to stop


Sanu sighting.

I want to see us take shots early.

Come on Matt!!!! Sheesh.

and 3 and out

Bad throw. Need to convert those.

Good job offense three-and-out against the worst defense in football.

horrible punt

Terrible punt jeeeeeezzz

What the **** is wrong with Bosher

What's up with the punt? Not looking good already. Man.

Why the eff do you go empty backfield on 3rd and 2? You at least need to have the threat of a run on that play even if you are scared to try and run for 2.

The Pats have the worst D in the league. How do they go 3 and out?

Hopefully that is our only bad drive of the game. We aren't going to beat the Pats by not scoring on nearly every possession.

Remember, we gotta embrace the suck.

Campbell with the sack!!!

Sack Campbell




**** yeah baby, that's what im talking about

Brady may be dead.


You gotta be kidding me

Beasley is overrated af man

Thank god that was OPI. Was about to go off on Duke Riley.

Duke on Gronk? OH **** NAH FAM

There should be no play where Duke Riley is covering Gronk 1-on-1.

These Superbowl stats are killing me.

Offense gotta put up some points. The D won't be able to do that all night

i wish romo was calling this game.

Yes Julio!!!


Wow Julio is alive?!

Hey, that Julio guy caught a pass!

Julio better get at least 15 targets tonight

Taylor Gabriel should be running those routes that Julio just ran.

When does Ryan plan on taken advantage of the fact NE's two corners are out?

What was that noise I heard all week about their bad defense? This team sure does seem to be having trouble moving the ball against them.

Stupid toss play again.

Stupid play call

there ya go boys, got your run play lol

bad call, bad bad bad call.

What kind of dumb ******* play is that Sark...

Oh god why are we going for it?

THATS MY BOY MATT!!! That's something Matty MVP would do!!!

I take it back...good play call lol.

Wow! Quinn has some balls there!

wow, holy ****, I did not see that one coming

Dude what is the gameplan???

two NE CB's out and you don't throw a bomb

Worst defense in the league right here guys

This isn't good enough offense


Ryan looks like ****. Can't throw anymore.

And of course it's blocked...wow.

Dude I knew we were not going to do squat against this sorry Pats D.

just wow

Lol! This team is a disgrace.

well Ill be ****ed...........

We can't do a **** thing right on offense!

This is got to be the worst special teams play I have ever seen in my life.

Continuing from the superbowl , DEFENSE ON THE FIELD WAY TOO MUCH !!

We're playing with desperation.

I didn't even react to the blocked kick because it didn't surprise me.

This offense is hot garbage... So unfortunate with so much talent.

This $hit is rigged I don’t know how else to even explain what happens to this team lol.

I think we are making the Patriot's defense look way better then they are. Roberts has to catch that ball!

Beasley with the sack! Cmon D, get another 3 and out please.

Beasley. Finally.

Who said beasley was overrated? EAT ME

Defense came to play baby.

Al just had to get one more super bowl reference in before the quarter ended.

I didn't think about the score being the same in the 1st quarter as the Superbowl, Interesting.

If I took a shot every time they mention the super bowl, I would be **** face already

Can't wait to come back from the break and hear more super bowl references.

Of course they convert on 3 & 16


I'll never understand how a defense can let somebody convert 3rd and 15.

Why do we always give up 3rd and 15+ yard downs.

How many ******* minutes do they think they can give Brady to pass?

I think the route is about to start

3 and 16, really

Team lacks IQ & discipline

Great job.... Roughing the passer...

Another stupid roughing penalty...just like last week.

**** this stupid ******* team in their dumb ******* stupid ******* mistakes.

What y'all say about the defense doing well again?

Really have low confidence about the football IQ of this team

Colinsworth just cheered woooooooooo when pats scored

We gifted them that TD, like we've been doing the last two weeks. We've got to put a drive together on this one.

This team has regressed from week 1

Seriously I would flat out cut Clayborn at half time. How many times is our dline gonna do this ****.. that's how 3 turnovers taken away by selfish penalties.. Tru, Grady, clay... get fkd

another 3 and out against the worst ranked defense in the NFL.

How.. how is that not pass interferenxe?! The dude didn't even fkn look!

Julio gets mauled on the deep pass and idiot Collinsworth says their feet got tangled up.

How th4ej FFFFFFIKKKK is tha not pass inf???????

Can we get a ******* flag today

Julio cant get a call I guess.

These refs are a ******* joke. How does giving Jones a hug not count as PI?!?

Quinn is being exposed as another rah rah HC. That wears off real fast.

Defense is running on fumes

Bout to get ugly

I feel bad for the defense. They don't deserve this

I wish our O could do that

We're toast. How much time has NE had the ball?

Stick a fork in this season. We’re done

Last year was a fluke

Guess the team figured they can't allow a blown lead if they never have one....

Well the defense made them punt twice I guess that's all we're going to get out of them today. Bunch of soft *** ******* *******.

the patriots are gonna hold onto the ball for the entire 2nd qtr.. dont tell me about the offense letting down the defense when they cant stop 3rd n 8

Patriots are running down the Falcons throats. So embarrassing...just chewing up TOP

Even when Collinsworth is giving praise...i want to choke him

So has NE shutdown an O for the first half this season?

If we don't score here im going to bed

This team has gone from a hard as nails contender to soft as butter pretender in the span of a few months.

I know it's not impossible, but I don't see us coming back from a double digit lead in Foxboro

I've never seen an offense take such a step backwards like we've done this year. The defense is playing with heart, the offense is playing with fear.

3 and out

The roughing the passer called on Clayborn would have never been throw n if Cam Newton was the QB. Stop with all of the stupid talk about out players. If they're gonna flag us, we should make it worth it. Take somebody out.

The niners are 0-7 Shanahan left McDaniels stays

This is so f***ing embarrassing. The Jets walked up and down the field on this team last week.

ONLY 10-3 but with just 66 yards of offense and 3 first downs ... it doesn't feel like they're still even in this game

I repeatedly said that I didn't believe in the Patriots "30th ranked defense" crap because our horrible offense will make ANY defense look like the L.O.B.

Now we'll run until it doesn't work.

That was not a helmet to helmet on Brady. No PI call for Julio. Biased officiating


This offense used to be so much fun to watch

Now Ryan takes a sack from a rookie.

Wow they are really wetting the bed. Smh

We're making this defense look like the Steel Curtain.

This team is all kind of scared

Miss this 4th here we'll go in at halftime down 17-0.

ok so IF they actually do go for it here, bold call, TD pass

Falcons don't act like they want to win this game. It's bad enough that we're the laughingstock of the NFL because of the Pats. Now they're playing some pretty uninspired football. Coaching sucks too.

The media will continue to praise Tom Brady but Bill Belichick will always be the mastermind of this organization. He continues to make QB’s look like bafoons when he’s at his best.

this was gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd awful FAILCONS

Ryan's been overthrowing receivers all year.

Horrible, now we really are going to need the D to make a play and keep this game close

wtf, stop throwing ******* bombs on medium down and distances, Ryan ******* up again

Like who's making these decisions? What are they thinking?

This is like an awful movie that I've seen before.

Brady is going to get at LEAST 3 here.

This is one of the worst defenses in the NFL and we can't even score. I don't give a **** who has to lose a job but somebody needs to.

The Falcons have been saying for 9 months that they wished they could play the 2nd half of the SB again. They are doing it.

We're actually getting worse week by week.


This is like watching the Super Bowl again....

**** this **** I'm done.

I am sooooo glad that every other aspect in my life is going great. This team sucks ******* ***.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Carolina Falcons. We suck, I’m going to bed. Goodnight.

Just another game my azz

Just a little information. One way to cheat when you are playing a home game, or that is I should say, GET AN ADVANTAGE and a free time out like the Patriots did earlier in the game. It goes like this : Commit a quick off sides on offense when you are 1st and 10, while that might seem like an advantage to the defense, what it amounts to depending on your field position, you lose 5 yards but you get basically a FREE TIME OUT and the upstairs coaches a SECOND LOOK at the defensive formations, meaning if the defense which more times than not do not change their coverage or look, you gain a big advantage over them. Just my thoughts on the subject.

For the first time in a long long time, I’m turning the channel before a Falcons game is over. This is pathetic. This team looks bored to be out there

Just kneel it wtf are they doing we look pathetic even trying

I'm out. It was a nice 28 year run for me, but I'm done.

94 yards. 94 yards against the worst D in the league.

Just that kind of night. Sheesh. Missed FG.

It's in their heads.

This teams complete inability to connect in the red zone is like half the reason were slowly sinking into the ****ter

That kick pretty much sums it up

Wow!!!!! And you think we are over the 28-3?!!!

Can’t blow a lead if you never have one.

o yea how is sark calling the game from up in the booth :lol:

That's not fog it's the smoke from the Falcons season imploding.

Cleatly Belichick caused the fog. Time to file a complaint. #foggate

How about that play calling from the 1 inch line?

horrible.....too bad we don't have good running backs.

Freeman would have scored first try

This ain't fcuking college

You run the ball with Gabriel!!!??? Somebody needs to be fired today

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA 32nd ranked defense!!!!!

I say we tank.

Well Ryan got his 200 yards.

Wow Ryan actually hit a receiver in stride.

1st and goal and watch. 2 stuffed runs and an INT coming

Yay, we're not getting shut out!

Hey they got Julio a TD. That's nice....


matt throws another int saved by julio

Julio's first TD of the season..pathetic

Julio bailed out Matt on that one.

We can't even stop them when we all know they are going to run

Well, that was one of the sorriest efforts I've ever seen this franchise put forth. Pathetic does not cover it.

We shouldn't be favored next week against the Jets after this pathetic showing.

New Book--Author: DAN QUINN "1001 Creative Ways to Lose an NFL Football Game"

Their confidence has to be shattered. The long wait to get revenge and this happens.

My wife asked me during the game why our linebackers were just standing there watching pass completions. She ended the game by saying the Falcons didn't fall apart this season. They fell apart in the last quarter of the SB game. The Patriots play right up to the very end and we don't. Sad, so sad.

Can we get rid of this thread? The wounds have healed and I'm ready to get beyond this. We're 3-3 I'm sure Shanahan would love to be 3-3 in SF.

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