Tom Brady responds to book criticisms

AP Photo

Everyone has their own opinions, beliefs and experiences; and Tom Brady is standing by his.

The New England Patriots’ quarterback recently released a wellness book called “The TB12 Method” in which he highly details his exercise and nutrition program.

But recently, some doctors have been questioning his claims and criticizing some of the things found in his book – most notably the fact that he says that hydrating can prevent him from getting sunburned.

Dr. Caroline Kim, a dermatologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, says that hydration can help with sunburn recovery as opposed to prevention, and that “the best methods of protection really are clothing and sunblock.”

But Brady stands strongly with his beliefs.

“It’s really my experience, so I don’t think anyone can tell me what my experiences have been,” he said. “This is stuff, like I said, that I have been doing for a long time.”

“I really have a great feeling of what I believe works and doesn’t work. Everyone has their own belief systems I think with everything, especially in the sense of health and wellness.”

Brady also says that health claims are confusing these days; and in an effort to give people ideas on how to work out, what to eat and drink, he developed the book to give people a “very simple, plain, easy-to-understand way that people could follow that can be very holistic.”

“I think I really achieved that, just based on things that I have experienced and that have worked for me,” he continued. “People were interested that it could really work for them, too.”

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