Bill Belichick and Bill Parcels will be part of an ESPN 30 for 30 special

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Bill Belichick and Bill Parcels will go down in NFL history as two of the greatest coaches of all-time. Together, they have 452 total wins, seven Super Bowl titles and counting.

Their highly successful careers are now being documented in “ESPN’s 30 for 30: The Two Bills” that will premiere this winter. The special will include a sit-down interview with the two of them together and feature comments from past players, archive footage and gameday clips.

The Two Bills’ relationship stems back to their time with the New York Giants. Parcells was head coach, and Belichick was defensive coordinator. While there, they won two Super Bowl titles.

They then went on to work together with the New England Patriots and the New York Jets, until Parcells decided to resign as the Jets’ head coach. Parcells wanted Belichick to take over, but it turns out that he had other plans.

A day after signing on to be the Jets’ head coach, Belichick, too, announced his resignation. Three weeks later BB was traded to the New England Patriots for a first-round pick.

This turn of events was one of the most stunning moments in league history, but it leads to an incredible story. Hear from the both of them when “The Two Bills” premieres this winter.

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