If the Pats win on Sunday, Tom Brady will set the record for most wins against one opponent

Matt West/Boston Herald

Tom Brady has beaten the Bills a lot in his career. Twenty-six times, as a matter of fact.

If he beats Buffalo on Sunday, he will set the all-time record for wins against one opponent with 27, breaking Brett Favre's 26 wins against the Lions.

It's obviously astounding to think about how successful Brady has been in general throughout his historic career, but beating one team 26 times is just nuts. His first victory against them was in 2001. It's 2017. That's unfathomable.

For what it's worth, he also has 24 wins against the Jets and there are likely more than a few wins coming against them before he hangs it up.

This Sunday's contest against Buffalo could be a tough one. The Bills, for the first time in a while, are in a playoff spot late in the season at 6-5 and have gone back to Tyrod Taylor as the starting quarterback. Taylor, you may remember, has given the Pats trouble in the past, so containing him will be a challenge.

At the same time, though, the Patriots are trying to keep pace with the Steelers in the race for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The game means more to Buffalo in terms of fighting to get into the playoffs; the Patriots are basically guaranteed to be there.

But that doesn't mean they're about to lay down and take a beating. That almost never happens to the Patriots.

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