It appears the reports that Tom Brady and Bill Belichcik hate each other were greatly exaggerated

Geoff Burke/USA Today Sports
I'm sure you all remember these tweets from some Golf Channel fool who forgot to stay in his lane.

Well, Brady went on EEI today with K&C and they asked him about the Burr tweets and if his "camp" felt he could be traded. Brady responded by saying "I don't even know who my 'camp' is."

No one has ever been put in the ground harder than what Tom did to Ryan with 8 words. I mean I saw Jimmy G get his collar bone exploded by Kiko Alonso and it was easier to peel him off the turf than whatever the road kill team is going to have to do to remove Ryan.

Tom continued, discussing his relationship with the coach. “I think it’s the way it has always been," he said. "I think he is a great coach and there is obviously no coach I would rather play for. I love playing for this team and I’ve tried to do it for a long time and I have done it for a long time. I enjoy doing it and hopefully I can do it for a long time.”

I lose sleep over everything. Haven't slept a wink in two decades. But I wasn't worried about this for a single second. Event still, it's nice to hear it put to bed in public. Tom and Bill love each other. I believe that to be true, and I need it to be true. As a sports fan, there are things in my life that would absolutely crush me. Find out Sonny Liston took a dive in '64. Finding out Junior Griffey did steroids. And Tom and Bill not being best friends is right up there.

I'm heavy in the camp of "it's Tom, not Bill" so this is easy for me to say, but it would be the height of stupidity for Bill to let things fester with Tom. I'm not naive. I understand there is a chance that Tom doesn't retire a Patriot if he plays til his mid 40s like he says he will. (Mortal lock that he does.) And I respect Bill enough as a coach to say that if Tom wasn't playing like a starting caliber QB that he would be willing to get whatever value for him in return and move on to help the football team. I don't think that will ever happen. Tom will win a bowl in his age 45 season and then ride off into Elysium. But the possibility remains.

To think, however, that these two men, who have given each other so much, are just work friends is nuts. It's like at the end of each season they walk around Gillette trading year books and Bill writes:

"Hey Tom,
- Coach"

Yea right. They don't spend hours in the film room together fine tuning their crafts, the best ever to do their respective jobs, without becoming boys in the process. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tom and Bill - BFF