Jonathan Kraft hilarious trolls idiot Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a hypocritical idiot, but that's not breaking news.

Jones, in his pursuit of trying to block Roger Goodell's impending contracting extension because he's butthurt about Ezekiel Elliott's six-game suspension being upheld for good, told ESPN The Magazine he was going to come after the commissioner with "everything he has" and that Robert Kraft "is a pussy" in comparison to what Jones plans to do.

Yesterday, Jonathan Kraft was asked about Jones' comments and his response was perfect.


“Back when our fan base and ourselves were going through the air-pressure thing – and Jerry had gone through the salary-cap stuff – he said you all should take your medicine and just focus on winning football games. When you’re upset and angry, that’s not what you want to hear because I don’t think Tom [Brady] was treated fairly, I don’t think our fans thought Tom was treated fairly. But we ended up taking his advice and winning the Super Bowl. I think it was good advice,” Kraft said in the interview.

You may remember during Deflategate, Jones said he thought the commissioner did a great job with how he handled the scandal witch hunt and that he told the elder Kraft to "take his medicine."

The Patriots indeed accepted their punishment for Deflategate and Tom Brady eventually served his four-game suspension for failure to cooperate, but now Jones can't accept what's happening to his running back and is acting like someone killed his family.

I don't think many outside of New England felt bad for the Pats while Deflategate was going on.

Given the way he acted during Deflategate, praising the commissioner and basically saying the Pats got what they deserved, everything Jones is doing and saying is hilarious hypocritical. Whatever legal action Jones is going to take is going to fall flat.

He may even lose his team if he decides to go after Goodell. How funny would that be?

Suck it up, Jerry. Your team sucks and you look like the world's biggest petulant child.

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