Kenny Stills thought his trash talk was getting to Tom Brady

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A few uncharacteristic mistakes by the Patriots allowed the Dolphins to think they had a chance to win yesterday at Gillette Stadium, a place they haven't tasted victory at since 2008.

Wide receiver Kenny Stills was Miami's shit-talk ring leader yesterday, which only started after Miami capitalized on a premature snap by Ted Karras that resulted in a touchdown. He claims he was getting in Tom Brady's head.

NBC Sports Boston:

I just was hollering at him all game. We feel like if we can get in his head, that’s the best way to try and win this game. I was trying to do my part.

The Patriots still won the game handily, so it couldn't have gotten to Brady too much if at all. But it's worth noting that after Brady and Stills exchanged words, he was picked off by Bobby McCain.

Either way, the outcome was exactly what everyone thought it would be. The Patriots play the Dolphins one more time in two weeks, so we'll see if Stills tries to get to Brady again.

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