Ring Envy - What Chargers Fans Said - 10/29

The Chargers proved to be a tougher opponent for the Pats than some may have expected, but New England was able to squeak out a 21-13 win that once again came down to the final play. Charger fans wanted to give up about halfway through the game and resorted to calling the Patriots cheaters and blaming the refs for giving the game away. They got some late hope, but it ultimately proved to be for naught.

Our guys know who they’re playing, they’ll be up for this game.

Curious to tune into the local SD media on Monday after a big fat W!

My neighbors are die hard Pats fans. About 5pm EST I would love to say "nice game" with a big smile on my face.

and a pre snap error

creative to 2 straight run plays

come on guys. worse defense in the nfl. Use it as a confidence builder.

Wiz already getting too conservative with his calls.....

and of course no points. Lynn stay aggressive man

Such a promising drive ending in a flip of field position for NE. :/

that was such a weak kick.

these kind of mental errors kill you. Whiz was killing them with creativity.

Bad special teams play. We could have turned the ball over to New England.

I think that should have been interfering by NE. After the shove into Benjamin. He was did not give him a chance to field it. It also hit the Patriot


td Gordon!!!

Was that play not too unconcervative??

Now lets' start hitting Brady.....hitting him very hard !

Addai is holding up very well, I'm surprised.

And then he misses the tackle. That's more like it.

C'mon guys hit and wrap up. I see them going to Gronk down the seam again. Gotta be physical with him first 5 yards easier said than done.

bosa being held all day

TD way to easy for the pats

Brady has felt zero pressure so far......that must change.

Well that was a surprising combo for a TD...... another mental error, this one cost 7 points.

As long as we don't have to send extra guys.. Brady will kill us with the quick passes if we send to many.

How does the biggest TE in Football get that wide open. Really, cannot win if you won't cover their best receiver.

Do some squats this offseason, Keenan. I’ve never seen a guy stumble under his own power more often.

If you send extra defenders with Brady. He will destroy you. No joke!

Wow. Running wide on 3rd and 2 vs. a team with no linebackers. Stupid is as stupid does.

So much room underneath. Brady is happy to do this all day.

Bosanova! Goal realized you just sacked Brady. Well done.

Chargers DE Joey Bosa makes history. Has most sacks through the first 20 games of an #NFL player.

Things that Benjamin was thinking on that play: Not a thought in his head. Not one.

ST player of the week baby.

game is over

Well that was just about the worst play I’ve seen an NFL player make. Thanks Benji 🙏🏻

Special Teams coordinator is also to blame for allowing Benjamin to make his looping backwards punt returns every week. Go FORWARD.

stupid mistake. Game killing mistakes.

not over yet but those mistakes are ones that will actually crush a team against a team like the pats

jesus. we are in trouble.

Missed FG and a bad safety against the Patriots won’t get it done!

sigh...bout to get bad real fast.

stupid third down play call there... we outthink ourselves...

So bad. These completely avoidable mistakes are killing us.

NE gonna run a perfect 2min drill right now

i really though we were going to show some grit this game...looking like the exact opposite. besides a lucky hole for gordon.

Patriot are cheating. They know Chargers will mess up many times, so they just wait and control the clock. That not fair because we cannot play well when we have to.

Who the +*** is Jacob bolloster

Philip Rivers will never beat Tom Brady unfortunately. Life just isn't fair. He had plenty of great duals against Peyton over the years. But Brady is the one he could never catch

Why is the offense such a joke?

Disgusted by this first half. Outcoached. How many short yardage conversions have we failed to pick up? How many special teams gaffes in one half. Take the touchback inmates!!! I don’t think Lynn wants Rivers as his qb. The wildcat? Really?

Pats are wusses who game the system, flat out cheat and use the refs biases to win games.

Chargers are not a joke, Patriot always step up when they are challenged.

It’s reasonably close except the Patriots doing all the little things around the fringes better, every last little detail usually they win those. Just Windt getting flattened on the field goal attempt, Benjamin safety, Ekeler not taking a touchback when he should, not being able to convert 3rd and 1, could have had a few interceptions, just the little things have all mainly gone New England’s way because currently they are the better team.

another ST disaster.... omg...

That’s a 50 yard offsides penalty

ST fail again

so sad.......

Shoot ourselves in the foot again, Chargers always beating themselves.

nice corner blitz...and they miss the FG!!!!!!

Defense keeping Chargers in it. Its up to Rivers & offensive to go get it.

Illegal touching... sounds so bad...

Poor field awareness. Bet you that was planned by the D. coordinators. Their looking for any edge. Cheaters.

lol rivers terrible loss

Lol rivers!!!!

Rivers?!?!?! What is wrong with you?

Lol Phil deserves credit for a forced fumble on that.

6 guys on MW and that’s where he goes with the ball? The Chargers are too stupid to root for

Wow, just when you think you've seen it all. SMH

The 3rd and 31 chuck was fine. A pick would have been about the same as a punt. Plus it went right through MW's hands, it's like he glitched out.

The question is how many costly mistake's can you make vs the Pats and still hope to win?

We are mental midgets

If the Pats score a TD here this game is over.. The pats aren't a team you give two tds and a extra point and expect to win.

Oo ooo GOAT are you okay? Defense well done! Let go!

since when do they call the pick play....

Unbelievably horrible call. Thanks again refs.

THat is BS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Horrible call

Didn't look like Williams touched the defender, Chung occluded the other defender's path.

The TD to GRONK was WAY WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

have to beat the refs and pats as usual

Tyrel and Mike suck.

Terrible punt!!!

So the Pats can run picks all day and get away with it? Williams was pushed into the defender so how is that his fault?

They should be able to challenge penalties. That was just a blatant missed call that cost us 7.

Ingram you are over due for hitting St. Thomas with a ton of bricks

This is painful to watch, we draft WR in first rd who cannot catch, we have receivers who cannot catch. Then we trade away WR for nothing. Mike Williams has not earned a right to play.

3 disgusting quarters of football in the books

The wildcat? REally?

Someone explain why the pats can quick snap and not allow subs while the ref stands in front of the ball when we hurry up. Are the pats not substituting?

Patriots motto we only need a yard. Chargers Motto, we will give you 3. This game is over. Patriots shut out 3 qtrs.

Sick of losing to the patriots

At least Raiders are losing.

2 misses? Holy balls.

missed again!??

2 misses by Mr clutch lol

Pats SUCK..................................

Get your **** together offense!! This game is winnable!!

so sad the refs affect the games this much

This game is starting to remind me of that 2007 season AFC championship game vs NE. Great defensive effort by the Bolts nullified by an inept offense.

td Benjamin!

Nice job Bolts. The defense is gonna be pumped!

GREAT TD with lots of time left to go.

Very odd game. We can win it

Tired of the Patriots. Enough already. C'mon Bolts let's win this game!

Defense baby!

Great job D !!!

nice special teams lol thanks again

It's the 12th round. Patriots are ahead on points but they won't know what hit them. Knock out blow Chargers for the victory! Let's go.

Gentlemen: the game is now ours for the taking. Things are getting very testy at the bar. It has been my honor to share this game with you

wow how many holds are the Pats going to get away with?

Let's not just hand them the W.

Hold them to three and give rivers a chance to take this Team down for a score and two point conversion! Still a chance guys!

BS....we're still in it.

Well If we do get the ball back and hold them to a field goal it could be exciting to watch the finish, LOL. At least we have that…

So in hindsight, going for two earlier was a bad decision? Looks like we’ll have about 45 seconds to go for what could’ve been a tying touchdown

Looks like the TD negating OPI call, which was BS, will be the difference. Refs help Pats win once again.

If the Pats were down 21-13 with a minute left does anyone doubt Brady would get it done? Come on PR

Benjamin get out of bounds!

Mental midgets

Brain farts all day. Get out of bounds man

Go out of bounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Rivers pick incoming.

So many many mistakes

do or die time. never seen chargers line up that fast in my life lol

Great throw... To the Defender.

At least throw it into the end zone...my god!!!!

I don’t even know what that was.

Last minute charger football

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