Ring Envy - What Dolphins Fans Said - 11/26

The dirty, hapless Dolphins haven't won in New England since 2008, and that wasn't going to change yesterday. Somehow, starting Matt Moore gave some people hope. But that went south pretty quickly and Dolphins fans just wanted to watch the world and Tom Brady burn. 

I consider it a bye week. ****in cheats shouldn't even be in the league at this point.

So want us to win. So doubtful we can but who knows.

I don't know, let's change it up a bit. can we find the matchup disparity and attack it? Maybe evaluate your talent, like Carroo and Grant, against the best team in the AFC.

lol this is gonna be a blood bath. we should be shooting for a top 5 pick.

If you get pressure up the middle, it flushes Brady to scramble a bit to the outside and scrambling to the outside isn't necessarily his strong suit. You also have guys like Wake and Harris there to eat him up.

Juice guaranteed a sweep this year. Let's see what the WRs do to pick him up

wow, Belichick is amazing

And the beat down commences.

Normal service resumed. Fake punt and busted coverage.

they were so determined to score first and Miami didn't realize that

That looked extremely easy


that drive can be the knife in the heart with 11:39 left in q1

I have no idea why I'm subjecting myself to one minute of this game today. I just must love pain and disappointment.

3 and out? Who's with me?

this team is gonna go 5-11 at best. we're just straight bad.

wow gonna get ugly soon

And just like clockwork, 3 and out. It will be 14-0 before we have time to finish our first beers

Sh*tty playcall there on 3rd and 2.

The only good thing that can happen for us is if we take bradys knees out Sick of his smug ***!

Because our qbs don't throw people open or have any anticipation.

we can't run the ball

Defence quit already!

Chase Allen is getting worked

Suh should take one of his cheap shots and reward the whole NFL fan base with an early Christmas gift.

this run defense. Pats game in very luke warm running

Defenders aren't even trying out there.

the dolphins are just very predictable

next time someone says we have a good OL, look at NE with the scrubs they have

This is a ****ing.joke!

Gronk will have over 200 yards today

I love how we have to play prevent defense in the first quarter because we cannot cover ANYONE.

the run defense is just horrific.

And lucky me I get to go to a party with a bunch of band wagon Patriot fans - its going to suck.

I was thinking 34-10 but now.I'm thinking like 56-0.We can't even slow them down.

Honestly hope they put up 60 today just to show how bad this team is. Burke needs to go and so does Gase. Sorry this team is quitting and if they aren't quitting, we are playing worse than the Browns. It's a joke and unacceptable.

Oh look, a flag

Here's where everyone gets really mad at Matt Moore for not being able to overcome the Patriots after the defense spots two TD's yet again. Feels like we start out this way every time against these guys.

These penalties ****ing suck

That was a fumble. We got lucky on that one

this team is literally fighting for every inch

And Brady is putting all 9 of his inches right in the defenses backsides

Instead of chanting defense we should chant PREVENT.

No shut out

Lol they gave me a gift. Brady nailed and a td thank you. There is a god.

Woop defence scores a td! Waiting for the late flag to bring it back.

How about that. If we just get a few more fumble recoveries for touchdowns, we'll be in this game

wow verner is garbage. miami proves you can't turn around bad talent

Another defensive hold. What a bunch of clowns

did anyone see Gronk fake Timmons out of his shoes on the bottom?

As soon as Miami backed up all of their defenders on 3rd and 14 I knew it was an automatic 1st down.

As soon as burkhead went in motion I knew it was gonna be a touchdown

Gase and Burke trying to figure out how a tablet works on the sidelines...

At least try to ****ing compete. This is ridiculous.

HERE IS what I dont get. there is time to throw, but they are throwing short

A great QB doesn't fix this mess. We are so dysfunctional on every level.

Jesus Moore. C'mon uggggggggh. Terrible pass.

God this team takes years of my life

I continue to be miffed by it. While Thomas may either be stuck blocking or not even in that series, but Parker? It should be a staple going to him on the fades.

Dude maybe they will snap it past Brady again. Honestly though, playing the patriots at least reveals how far away we are each time we come up here.

lol Alonzo is good for a potential qb hurt play

wow Brady cannot throw under pressure. lol

Not a flag tommy please stop being such a baby.

Good job McCain grabbing the pick. Get points here and it may be interesting

Wow McCain with a play.

:O another turnover! Bobby McCain made his second play of the year.


"Come on Brady give me that ball you little pumpkin-pie-hair-cutted freak come on"

I like the fact they ate clock, but shouldn't they be going for a td?

is tannehill playing qb? how do you take a damn sack here

Ladies and gentlemen, YOUR Miami Dolphins

I love how Parker is just absolutely bewildered he was thrown the ball. It was a bit underthrown, but for f- sakes make a play Devante - that's why they f'in drafted you!!!!

this team is gutless

whether you punt or not make it. you can't stop NE

I love how the refs call this NE ball while sorting through the pile, all the while Michael Thomas has the ball outside of the pile. Sounds like a good call ref.

Ahh.. there's the "NE player was down by contact" ruling now.

Since when can you make a ruling in a scrum??? What is this crap?

F U NFL, worst call I've ever seen....

Game is rigged.

Our DT's are getting manhandled by a bunch of bums.

Is alonso ever going to cover anybody?

Can't wait to see this *** kicking again in 2 weeks..Go Phins!

Wake is trying to kill Brady. I’m ok with that.

Game over. 0-9 since 2008 in Foxborough, Patriots own us.

This is embarrassing not only from the score but class too. We have had so many penalties lately with a lot being personal fouls. Now we get ejected for throwing punches. We have no leadership at all on any level of this team.

what is NE doing with us having time to throw to not allow us to throw deeper?

Welp, when it rains it pours with this team.

Cameron Wake is garbage

Way to reset the gameclock guys so NE can avoid the delay of game and still stall for a delay of game.

Lol Patriots literally trolling us

Every official in this game needs to be fired. Completely inexcusable to let a playclock run to 0, allow it to reset, then stand there for another 40 seconds. Just pure garbage officiating.

2nd and 24 and the patriots try to get the first, and of course they do. Gase would have given up and ran two up the middle and punted.

The amount of money we spend on this Dline...

Wake with the sack. Pretty good for a guy who some say is garbage

Wake with the sack. He's put some shots on Brady today for a guy that stinks apparently.

Lol. That ****ing guy again?

Wow, another play, no blocking, and a hold.

3rd and 28. But hey the gameplan was solid by Gase

Dan Fouts can eat a dick.

NE had 2 sacks in the last 4 games. Again, teams tend to get away from their bad tendencies when facing us

Outright terrible pocket management by Moore today.

Gase does always look pissed off. Not the "cool and calm" type.

Matt Moore... wow. I know the line is bad but he looks like a 90 year-old man trying to see defenders and run as opposed to just getting rid of the ball.

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