Jesse James, just like everyone else, thought he scored

Jim Davis/Boston Globe

But he was wrooooooooooong.

After the game, James spoke to the media and said exactly what was on his mind.


“I’m sick about it. I’ll be thinking about this the rest of the night,” James said, via “I had my knee down, turned up the field. Whether they consider that a football move or not is up to them to decide. I guess I don’t know a lot of things about football. I thought it was a touchdown for sure.”

As you'd expect, James' teammates thought it was a touchdown. Juju Smith-Schuster, who set the Steelers up at the New England 10 yard line with a 69-yard catch and run, disagreed with the call as well, calling it "bullshit."


"It sucks, honestly. That was a b---- a-- call by the refs," said wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, whose 69-yard catch in the final minute set up the James play. "I feel like he had ball control, he was in. In a game like that, when you go down and you finish the game like that, and then -- boom -- momentum, and the next thing you know [the referee] said he didn't have control of the ball. Nobody touched him."

Of course, the Steelers have some beef with the call given the situation in which it occurred. But ultimately, the correct call was made.

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