Kurt Warner's son not pulling any punches on the GOAT debate

Getty Images / Damian Strohmeyer
Anyone that asks the question who is the GOAT QB is a moron. I'm serious. Even saying the question out loud is dumb because everyone knows the answer. If someone said "Is the sun hot?" I would call them a moron. This is exactly the same thing.

Kurt wasn't actually having a debate with his son, but he did share a funny story about a hw project his kid was doing.

Tough pill to swallow big guy, but everyone knows it's true. Kurt most of all! He was there at the beginning. The night Ricky Proehl declared "tonight a dynasty is born!" Truer words have never been spoken.

I actually like Kurt a lot. I hated him with the fire of Mount St Helens when he was lined up opposite us in 2001, while he was throwing picks to Ty Law and fumbling on the goal line (bullshit call) but then I eased up. He seemed to jump on the Tom Brady bandwagon driven by me much faster than most. Plus he told his kids if he won the bowl with the Cards he would buy them a puppy, then jumped in a time machine and pulled out an historic trip to the finals. Love a guy that uses puppies to his advantage.

I can always hear the saltiness in the voice of Aikman when he's calling Pats games. He literally thinks he's better than Brady. Same with Marino when he was still on TV. I can see it in Elway's smug face. Bradshaw doesn't give off that vibe but I'm not sure he knows where he is. But Warner has never been that way. I remember before the Falcons bowl I think, could have been Hawks, people were asking if Brady needed to win to become the GOAT. Kurt said, "In my mind, it’s already set. We all have different takes and different things that say someone’s the greatest. At the end of the day, he’s going to have more of these (Super Bowls) than anyone else. The fact you play in seven Super Bowls, it’s ridiculous.”

See what I mean? Kurt is #FactsOnly. It doesn't matter if Brady never wins another game in his career. He is the GOAT now, he was the GOAT then. It's over. Finished. Done. I'm pretty sure him and Tom stay in touch. I'm not saying they are close friends, but they are friends. And Kurt may not be the GOAT himself, but he put together a very impressive Hall of Fame career. He won the most exciting bowl I had ever seen at the time against the Titans. He almost went back to back, no easy feat. Hasn't been done since we did it in 03/04 and 16/....

Sorry, getting ahead of myself. The point is, Kurt can have a good laugh about watching the guy who ripped his dreams out of his hands go on to become the best player to ever pick up a football, and I appreciate that. Kurt Warner = Cool Dude.