Max Kellerman says Carson Wentz is the clear MVP. In unrelated news, Max Kellerman is a fool

My man Mad Max over here had some thoughts on the MVP race after Carson Wentz looked beyond mediocre against a legit bad Hawks team on Sunday night.

“Tom Brady’s clearly second and Russell Wilson is breathing down both their necks — but right now it’s Carson Wentz,” Kellerman said. “First of all, he can do things physically that Tom Brady can’t. He can escape pressure using his legs, he has a bigger arm. He can flick the ball down the field in a way — really he can make, not Aaron Rodgers throws, but almost close to Aaron Rodgers throws. Carson Wentz can physically do things that Tom Brady could never do.”

Let me put one thing to bed right off the bat. LOL at the Russ discussion. Russ has no CHONCE to win MVP this year so I'm not going to waste further blog space discussing that farce.

Both the Pats and the Eagles are 10-2. That Philly loss was huge for us because record matters in this voting. I was going to say it shouldn't matter, but I guess as a QB it should. The only thing that matters is winning, and if you win the most that's a great season. If Philly finished 15-1 this thing was signed, sealed, delivered under Wentz's Christmas tree. But now if we both win out? It should be anyone's game.

Here are the numbers
Brady: 300-for-438 (68.5 percent); 3,632 yards; 26 TDs; 4 INT; 74.1 Total QBR
Wentz: 242-for-399 (60.7 percent); 3,005 yards; 29 TDs; 6 INT; 73.6 Total QBR

Hey Carson, nice completion percentage you pussy! Try actually throwing it to your guys instead of the field turf. Yeesh.

Tom pummels him in yards. Tom's tuddy to pick ratio is 6.5. Wentz has a ratio of 4.83. Bloodbath city. And Tom leads in Total QBR.

If you went by numbers, team record, and jaw line, this wouldn't be close. On what planet could you watch this season and think anyone but Tom deserves this honor? Not to mention the fact that physical tools have LIT-TRALLY nothing to do with winning this award. If they did, Mike Vick would have 10 MVPs to his name just because he ran a 4.4 and has a laser rocket arm. Somebody go to Tom's mantle and slide the FOUR Super Bowl MVP trophy over so we can clear a place for that 3rd regular season MVP trophy. It's simple logic. How dare Max Kellerman say otherwise.

Unfortunately, we don't live in a logical world. We live in world where everyone hates the Pats. Keep in mind, Kellerman is the same dude who has been saying Brady is going to fall off a cliff every year since his ACL injury. And every year Tom makes him look like the ass hat that he is. We also live in a world where the shiny new toy is the most fun thing to play with. In the last two years alone we've seen players rip the trophy out of Tom's fingers just cause they were somebody different. Do you think Matty Ice or Scam Newton will ever sniff another MVP award??? HELL NO. It was flash in the pan, career year, bullshit, and even though the award could have and should have gone to Tom the NFL hands it to someone else to keep things interesting.

As much as it pains me to say, the town jester is probably right. Carson Wentz will MVP. He will finish the year with a worse win/loss record than Tom, with less passing yards, a worse tuddy:pick ratio, and a worse QBR. But the best stat he has going for him? His last name isn't Brady.