Ndamukong Suh says he would love to make Tom Brady mad tonight. Ndamukong Suh is a liar.

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I always hate playing Suh. Not because he's some major disruptive talent that you have to game plan against. It's more because he is a cheap shotting scumbag with no conscious. Seeing him move into the AFC East was a sad day for me, as it meant two times a year I have to cross my fingers that we leave a game with all our ligaments in tact.

Having played Miami a mere two weeks ago, it was not a pleasant day at work for Tommy boy. Statistically it was fine, he threw four tuddies and we shit on the Fins. But he absorbed 8 QB hits and needed some time off from practice to get extra treatment.

Going into the game tonight Suh has his eyes on Brady again, saying,“I’d love to make him mad. My job is to … have him yelling at his offensive linemen for not blocking me, his coach and everybody on the sideline. That’s my job.”

I mean, he's right. That is his job. I just wish he would remember that. Because he plays like his job is to rack up the most fines ever issued to an NFL player.

We've had our struggles in Miami over the years. It's well documented. We went 0-3 in the 305 from 2013 to 2015. With the Steelers game serving as a two game swing due to the tie breaker implications, we can afford to lose one of these joke AFC East games and still get the one seed if we take care of business next week. But I'd love to win this one because it would give us the opportunity to sit people down in week 16 or 17. Preferably against the Bills who will be looking to snap necks. Gronk can NOT play in that game.

Despite all the hits Tom took last time, the Pats were able to run all over the Dolphins for 196 yards on the way to 35 points. Suh noted the Fins struggled against the run. “I think it was good in the pass-rush concept, but when we look at the run game, we didn’t do so hot there. I think they stuck with that, and we have to eliminate that. I think when we eliminate both of those pieces and they’re not successful on both sides of the running and pass game, that’s when we’ll find ourselves successful.”

I gotta admit, I always thought Suh was a bit of a moron but it looks like I'm eating crow. He might be a genius. Who knew that if they eliminate our success in the running game and the passing game they might win? That's some fucking insight right there. So cool when you get to see inside an athletes head like that. Eye opening stuff.

This game reeks of a trap game. We always struggle down there. We just played. We are so god damn injured it makes me sick. A lot of signs point to a big, fat, ugly L tonight. But everyone who thinks that is forgetting one thing. It's a t-shirt and hat game. We take these games very seriously. You only get a few of them a year. And while the t-shirt in February is the only one that matters, clinching the AFC East tonight is step one in that journey. The only person Suh will be making angry tonight is the Taco Bell drive through employee trying to read back his never ending late night order.