Ring Envy - What Bills Fans Said - 12/24

Once again, no actual Bills message board exists so I went through their Facebook to find some of the funnier comments. Pretty much everything you'll read is par for the course.

BEFORE anyone blames it all on tyrod. Remember play calling was the problem this entire game. 2nd and 25, lets hand it off to TOLBERT

Did you Buffalo Bills fans actually think you could beat Golden Boy Tom Brady, the referees and Patriots cheating? Game was over before it started.

All you Pats fans flaming #Bills gtfo, we dont need your bs I have been a #Bills4life since the 70s and half of you are bandwagon jumpers who only like the pats since 02... lol so you're not even true fans

Bills were in this game till the refs dick punched em 3 times. Unreal officiating.. they could at least try not to make it so obvious

Between Tyrod, the offensive play calling and the complete lack of pressure on Brady yet again, I'm not surprised we lost. But I think the ultimate demoralization for the team was when we realized we couldn't beat the refs. The zebras are in New England's pocket. It's just completely ridiculous.

I said it before and I say it again. TYROD TAYLOR IS A CANCER for the offense. This LOSER plays for the stats and not to win games.

Not saying that the Patriots aren’t the better team... as they are. But... The refs gave TO MANY calls to the Refs.

Tyrod Taylor plays his best game, outplays Brady and throws no picks and we still get clobbered.

sometimes these bad calls break your spirits to fully compete. it's like you're playing the team & the ref's.

I didn’t watch last five minutes of the game because I literally couldn’t… But I’m just curious if they called a penalty against New England in the last five minutes. Because they did not throw one flag against the patriots all day today

Welp. At least I get a cheap coffee tomorrow.

Patriots were handed 2 games in a row by the officials. Buffalo.should have been up 23-13 going into half. Steelers got screwed majorly last week.

Wanna hear a joke? The Jets, the Steelers, and the Bills all achieve a touchdown and then the refs, with their infinite wisdom, overturn it, what team are they playing? I'll give you a hint, their coach is Bill Belicheat...

Patriots....2 penalties for 10 yards against the Bills, and 1 Bills TD ripped on a really bad call..... last week...Patriots had 2 penalties for 4 yards against Pittsburgh, and 1 Steelers TD ripped on a really bad call.... anyone seeing a familiar theme here?

Why bother trying when then ref's already have you marked for a loss. The NFL is so crooked it's ridiculous.

A tight battle, with the Bills in control, turned into a farce, DIRECTLY BECAUSE OF A HORRIBLE CALL. Nantz said it, Romo said it, we all saw it. Never mind anything else. A touchdown that wasn't a touchdown sucked the wind out of a confident Bills squad. One week the Steelers get burned, another week the Bills. The happy recipient? Pfffft. Who else?

Yes, it was a bad call. As an athlete and mother of athletes, it messes with your morale. It throws you off. There were more bad/unfair calls in the game. It’s the patriots’ league, they run it.

The Patriots are cheaters once again (any surprise there?) Not only should that have been a brilliant, good TD catch for Benjamin, but the Patriots also illegally restarted and ran down the game clock after their back ran out of bounds. Check the game tape: Patriots 1st and 10 at 5:10 (4th quarter). Patriots RB Lewis steps out at the Bills 20, clock stops at 5:05. Ref is seen making the out of bounds motion. Then, clock illegally restarts, and runs down to 4:41 before the Patriots’ next play...

Better fine the refs for that horrible call! ALSO the spot of the ball on the 4th and a foot. No chance that was a 1st!! The NFL sucks.

Really sick and tired of all the calls going New England's way. Two bad calls today and one against Pittsburgh, give me a break. I hope they get screwed in the playoffs but the refs are on their side so unfortunately it's not gonna happen.

The NFL should be embarrassed with the officiating this year takes the whole fun out of watching a game

Hey guys, stop making excuses the bills just suck. We can't beat the Patriots. Last time it was Gronk. We have to play better. We only got to brady one time. No pass rush. No win.

You cannot tell me that when the refs take the field each week that they are all impartial and it doesn't matter to them which team wins. None of us knows what goes on behind closed doors in the NFL and how much of it is 100% honest hard playing football. When the refs clearly make a bad call shouldn't they be under investigation I think they should be.

There were a few questionable calls and non-calls... but the 4th down and TD reversals were brutal. Indisputable evidence to overturn the on-field calls? That's not what I saw. And it's not just the 7 point swing. It's getting your defense off the field earlier. It's making the Pats play with a different point differential. Along with the mental fatigue and emotional let down of having a successful play ruled no good... man that's tough to overcome.

No! You failed because two very important calls were game changers. That’s exactly what the Patriots wanted out of you Bills. This isn’t a, “Well... Gee golly ok, we messed up the second half!” Moment. Call them out for the cheaters they are. Learn their tactics so much so that you stun them. You all need to be on fire next game. When you meet the Patriots again, you need to expose them and beat them at their cheating game.

That ridiculous call stole the momentum from us and we were never able to regain it back. Fighting a losing battle needing to play against the refs and the Pats. We were out playing them for a lot of that game.

It was a freaking game changing call and you should be furious..Up by 4 with chance to go up by 11 is huge..Oh and I know Tolbert is a Pro Bowl talent but I would have him taking a Greyhound Bus back to Buffalo

The calls all went New England's way as usual. Does make you wonder. However, the patriots take advantage of every break they get.

Did anyone notice when Kyle Williams sacked Brady, one of the backfield judges ran up to him, after the play was well over, making sure Brady was ok. Go back and check it out if you didn't.

he only reason we failed to produce in the (fourth quarter) because it was obvious the refs were not going to allow buffalo to win .... bad calls and overturned TDS terrible ball placement by the NFL because the cheating extends deeper than we think.

Again and again. The Cheatriots still with this helps. Is a joke? What happen? All the teams must be gentle and pass the page?? No way ! This is every Sunday incredible

Patriots doing what they do best...cheating. Another bad call. No? Really? It certainly did play a big roll in the second half. Refs suck donkey dogs and so do the Pariots...always. btw Merry Christmas.

That call was the last straw. I am firmly convinced that the NFL is fixed. I can't take it any more. I'm not watching. I'd rather watch a lifetime movie about various female drama.

Bull that call could have change the 2nd 1/2. Tired of bad call against the Bills. Also fell sorry for all teams that play NE everything goes there way. It is getting ridiculous.

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