Stephen A Smith says no one gets mad at Tom Brady for screaming at Josh McDaniels because he's white

I'm going to tread very lightly here. Everyone saw Tommy miss a third and long throw to The Chef on the opening series. I stand by the fact that the throw wasn't that bad by the way. Tom CERTAINLY missed Cookie on the in cut. If he saw it right away its wide open and a first down. But by the time Tom did see it he couldn't lead DinDin any more or it would have been picked by the middle linebacker who had dropped into coverage. Watch the replay. He threw it behind Cookie so it wouldn't be picked, and he was hoping Cookie would sit down in the zone instead of running across the field. Didn't work out. And again, Tom definitely missed him initially, but once he saw it he put the ball where it had to be. But I digress. Everyone also saw Tom try to rip Josh's head off on the sideline after Josh told him it was a cock sucking throw, maybe not in so many words.

Stephen A appeared on his morning show First Take on Monday and was cool, calm, and collected per usual. He said, “It was a big deal, only from this perspective: if (Brady) were black, we would be going off about it. The fact is, Tom Brady –– he's had outbursts on the sidelines before. It is absolutely, positively no big deal to me. In the heat of action, when you're on the sideline and you're going off, I understand that comes with it. In no way am I trying to excoriate Tom Brady. What I am attacking is the inconsistency of ‘Joe’ or ‘Suzie Public’ out there who would be quick to denigrate a black athlete if he was on the sideline acting that way. He would be cited for insubordination; he would be perceived as being completely out of control –– temper tantrums. 'Maybe he has some anger management issues and needs to take a course' or something along those lines. But when Tom Brady does it, well 'that's Tom Brady.’”

I'm not about to go toe to toe with Stephen A on the race issues in American today. HOWEVA (Stephen A voice) I have a different take. The correct take, if you will. If Tyrod Taylor, DeShone Kizer, Brett Hundley, Dak Prescott, Jacoby Brissett, Geno Smith, or Jameis Winston flies off the handle bar on his offensive coordinator on the sideline they absolutely crucified in the media. There is an obvious reason for this. They STINK. You can't be screaming at your OC unless you can back up the rage with your play. Russell Wilson is black but he wouldn't be lit up in the media because he doesn't stink. Cam Newton is the only guy who is actually good but would get a hard time. But that has way more to do with him being a past offender than his skin color.

Tom Brady, on the other hand, doesn't stink. In case you missed it, he has five Super Bowl rings. He can scream at Whoever. The fuck. He wants. God himself could come down to Gillette and tell Tom he under threw Gronk on a skinny post and Tom could tell the creator to get back to heaven where he belongs and shut his fucking mouth. No one would blink.

Stephen A touched on success being a factor a little bit at the end of his rant, but there shouldn't have been a rant in the first place. I love that Josh has a relationship with Tom that he isn't afraid to tell him to be better. And I love that Tom has the fire to tell Josh to have sex with himself after. You come at the king, you best not miss. Nothing to see here.