The Bills whined a lot after refs overturned Kelvin Benjamin's touchdown catch

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We all saw it.

Kelvin Benjamin appeared to score a touchdown in the closing seconds of the first half during the Pats' 37-16 win over the Bills, but it was called back because his left foot apparently never touched the ground.

It was the first time all season that I thought the officials got a controversial call involving the Patriots wrong, but it ended up not mattering in the grand scheme of things.

Even so, the Bills have been complaining about it as if it decided the game, specifically Jerry Hughes and owner Terry Pegula.

Buffalo News:

"They get a couple calls, they get some momentum behind them. We've got to answer back. We've got to understand that for us, on that fourth and 1, we stopped them, but if the refs see something differently, we've got to come out there and hold them to three," Hughes said. "That's somebody else we've got to play against, in a sense."
"It's going to happen in any sport, you're going to get some calls and you're not going to get some calls," he said. "We've got to be a lot more stronger mentally and just go out there with the focus that we're going to play against them.

"Honestly, you kind of expects it coming into this league playing against the Patriots. We saw it happen Sunday night where it seems like there is always some call, something that happens to be a pivotal part of the game. That's just sports. That's just how things are going to roll. Sometimes you're going to get some calls, sometimes you're not. I think for us, we can be a little bit more stronger mentally and understand that, you know, especially in these kind of games coming in here, everything's going to be against us. You've got to come out here with your back against the wall."

What a mental midget. This is a classic example of someone who thinks the Patriots actually have the referees and the league in their back pocket? Hey Jerry, ever heard of Deflategate? Not sure where you were the last two years, but the NFL boned the Pats pretty hard. The idea that you actually think the league wants to help them win is laughable.

But this ordeal goes all the way up to ownership. Terry Pegula weighed in as well.


"They obviously weren't looking at the same television the rest of the country was looking at, were they?" Pegula told the Buffalo Sabres' team-produced radio program. "You know what, you can probably find somebody in this country that disagrees [with the catch], and I know one guy would be [NFL senior vice president of officiating] Al Riveron sitting in New York City.

"But everybody I talked to -- and they're not Bills fans and they're not necessarily anti-Patriots -- they're all baffled by that call, which just wasn't consistent with what replay [should be]."

So you need to talk to a bunch of people to help you feel better about a call in a football game that was overturned? What sort of justice are you looking for here? No one you talk to has the power to make the call go in your favor. Your team has to win a game this Sunday against Miami to possibly get into the playoffs and this is the topic of conversation. Amazing.

It didn't stop there, though.

"I can tell you this, since we've had this discussion, I'm sure I'll be having another conversation with somebody," he said. "If it's unfriendly from the other side, I can dish back on unfriendly, too, because it's a little upsetting."

Oh man, thems fightin' words. Truly shaking in my Patriots colored boots. The owner of some suck bag team wants to change a rule.

Have fun and see you in the playoffs if you get there.

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