Three things I need: Patriots versus Steelers showdown in Pittsburgh

Relax. Just breathe. It’s just the Steelers. They’re always the same. Bill owns Tomlin. Don’t over think this. Don’t worry about the fact that the 1 seed completely comes down to this game. Or that our best RT is done for the year and the offensive line has been putrid. Or the fact that we’re coming off a short week after our worst performance of the year. Everything is fine. Just stay calm. EVERYONE STAY CALM!!!

NUMBER 1. Gonna need Malcolm to contain AB. I would assume like years past, we’ll put Malcolm on AB with some safety help over the top. This would see Gilmore one on one with Juju Smith-Schuster, and I’m totally fine with that. I’m a firm believer that Malcolm has done well against AB in the past. Then I looked at the head to head and it doesn’t look thaaaaaat great. In their first matchup in week 1 of 2015, AB pulled in 9 catches for 133 and a tuddy. I do recall however that TD was a last second meaningless score. Still, that’s a big day. In week 7 of last season, AB went for 7 catches and 106 yards, but was held out of the end zone. Getting better. Finally, last year’s AFCCG, Malcolm and company held AB to 7 catches for 77 yards. That’s the sweet spot.

I’m not expecting AB to get goose egged. A player of his caliber with a QB that views him as his binky is going to get the ball. I just don’t want to see a classic 10 catch, 140 yard, 2 tuddy game. That’s when things get out of control. By the look of it, Malcolm is slowly but surely starting to figure AB out. I could see him really frustrating #84.

NUMBER 2. I absolutely NEED the offense to move the ball. Watching Tom Brady not convert a single fucking third down for the first time in his career made me physically ill. I refuse to do that again. Gronk is back, Hogan is hopefully feeling closer to 100%, and who knows, maybe that big boy Kenny Britt will add a red area target. Either way, I need the offense to march the field against a sub-par defense. When they get to the red area I want 6 points. I’m done settling for 3 when we blow opportunities.

I expect this whole organization to be a little fired up after last week, and more than anymore I expect Josh McDaniels to have some nice packages up his sleeve. Would love to absolutely run up the score on these bums.

Which brings me to my third need!

NUMBER 3. Give DIDI the god damn ball! For three weeks in a row Dion Lewis has been our best offensive player. I love Rex, and I want him to get the rock just as often as he currently is, but for god sake let DIDI run! The kid has finally found his feet again and he’s as elusive as ever. I want DIDI to have 25 combined touches in this game on the ground and in the air. When DIDI is going it keeps the defense guessing. Tom spreads receivers wide and sprays the ball which opens the holes on the line. Then Lewis goes out and gashes them. For the first time in a long time the Pats have a very versatile back who is running with a shit load of confidence. I would recommend we don’t waste that. Would love to see DIDI get into the end zone on the ground and through the air this weekend. Who knows, maybe we even see him pull a David Patten and throw for one too.