Three things I need: Protect Gronk at all costs in revenge-gate

NUMBER 1. I need Gronk to survive this game. I legit don’t want him to play a single snap. Getting this win is crucial for the bye, I get that and I want it. But keeping Gronk healthy is a priority. He just shouldn’t even dress, and if he does, we should straight up put him out like this…


I’ve never seen a bigger cry baby reaction than Tre’Davious White and the little bitch Bills players. What Gronk did 3 weeks ago was absurd. It was a shitty move and he shouldn’t have done it. With that said, Tre’Davious White whining like a hyena saying that he could have broken his neck is a little dramatic. Let’s all just callllllmmmmm down here. You play for the Bills, Tre’Davious. When your fans are pulling moves like this on a daily basis…


You can’t exactly be boo hooing about broken necks.

All of this aside, apparently the little Bills are still butt hurt and are openly talking about targeting Gronk. White texted Ryen Russillo in regards to Gronk, saying, “the whole hood want ’em.”

What an eloquent and well-rounded young man. That’s the type of mature and level-headed response that you want from players. I’m not surprised. The Bills are a joke franchise who have nothing to live for. It makes sense that they openly will try to injure a hall of fame player. So, for this reason I will lose my mind if Gronk plays in any dangerous situations at all. If I see even one god damn seam route, I will personally write a letter to Josh McDaniels to complain.

NUMBER 2. I need better offensive line play. I feel like for the past 3 weeks we’ve seen the O-line revert back to the first 5 weeks of the season. Losing Cannon for the season is a swift kick between the legs, but it’s one we can walk off. That said, it means other guys need to really step up.

The past few weeks have been genuinely troubling at times. Tom has had very little time to throw when dropping back in the pocket, and I have to assume the decline in offensive line play might have something to do with Tom throwing picks in three straight games. These next two games are always a little ugly as we approach the playoffs. Getting the bye and getting to the yoffs healthy is the only thing I care about, but let’s hope Scar is keeping a close eye on his boys, because heading into the post season with shit protection is a recipe for disaster.

NUMBER 3. For the love of all things holy, can I just get an easy win?? It sounds so pathetic and spoiled, but my body actually needs it. The last 3 games have been absolutely miserable to watch as a fan. Tom has 4 picks in that stretch, the defense has struggled, we’ve seen injuries, and even gone 0 for 11 on third down in one of them. My little heart can’t take it anymore.

I’ve said previously in the blog that I go into every season expecting trouble when we head into the end of year AFC East stretch. It’s bound to happen. At this point however it’s just been too many headaches in a row. We’re back home, Tom is coming off a brutal stretch, and we need this win to solidify a good road in the yoffs. I need to believe that the boys can go full primal mode and just take care of this one.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see a game where all three phases were playing well? The defense does its job containing Shady and Tyrod, Tom takes his time and goes through his progressions to hit his receivers, and we head into the half with a 10+ lead and then blow it open in the second half. I’d love a game where Hoyer gets some time in the 4th quarter. That’s it. That’s what I need. Show me #2 under center on Sunday and I’ll be SMITTEN.