John’s Well-Educated Guesses: Divisional Weekend – The Recap

Every week I make predictions about how things will play out in the game. I’m a man of integrity and I always answer for my predictions. It’s time to pay the piper.

In today's NFL a win is a win is a win. I don't care how much sauce I have to get on my shoes from stomping on tomato cans on my way to the bowl, I'm gonna do it. This game went exactly how I wanted, and this weekend went exactly how I wanted. Hard not to feel good right now. And I have to say so myself, not a bad week of prognostication for ya boy Johnny O.

Prediction: Titans score 17 or less – This is the time of year that it really matters, and I think our defense will buckle down. The talking heads can bitch about stats and season averages all they want, but the first six weeks don’t count on Saturday.
Result: 14 points for the Titans, and that includes 7 in garbage time when this thing was long over. The Titans opened the scoring in the first with a 95 yard tuddy drive that included 27 third down conversions (number approx) so it could have taken a turn for the worst. But as they have done all season, the defense figured it out and locked it down. Derek Henry was a non factor and the Titans couldn't keep the chains moving on third and longs. Nailing this prediction was the cherry on top of that 8 sack sundae.

Prediction: One Interception for Brady – Am I wrong, or is he good for one pick per playoff game? At least it seems like it.
Result: Couldn't be happier to have missed this one. Tom threw a ton of picks to close out the season, each more frustrating than the last, so it was nice to see him clean it up. I don't care if it was against a bad pass defense, or if it was cold, blah blah blah. The Titans have a serious pass rush and Tom chucked it 53 times. Keeping it out of the opponents hands is priority numero uno. That's the only thing that can put our D on our heels and give underdogs the feeling they can pull off the upset. And I've got news for you, we are going to be heavy favorites the rest of the way. Take care of the ball and you take care of business.

Prediction: Pats win 31-17 – Pray for no injuries and let’s get ready for the season to start next week. It is tough when you only have a two game season every year, but it starts by hosting the AFC title game. I want this Super Bowl bad to close out the double dynasty. WHY NOT US?
Result: Pats win 35-14. Pretty damn close. Waddle is the only injury that really concerns me. Dev, Trey, and Jones looked banged up. Still waiting on Branch and Rexy. But who isn't dealing with some shit this time of year? If reports are true and Waddle isn't hurt that badly, he looks possible for the AFCCG and probable for the bowl. Let's just pray to the old gods and the new we make it that far. As I said, the season starts this week. Why not us indeed!