John’s Well-Educated Guesses: Wildcard Weekend – The Recap

Every week I make predictions about how things will play out in the game.  I’m a man of integrity and I always answer for my predictions.  It’s time to pay the piper. 

Prediction:  Titans – 10, Chiefs – 28
Result: Titans – 22, Chiefs - 21
Analysis: Whoa, did not see that coming.  KC died as soon as Travis Kelce went down in my opinion.  What a collapse.  Titans look pretty bad and I for one, am going to welcome them to Foxboro next week.  Best result we could have hoped for.

Prediction:  Falcons- 31, Rams- 27
Result: Falcons – 26, Rams – 13
Analysis:  Rams just didn’t show up on offense like I thought they would.  That tends to happen in the playoffs, and why the term ‘defense wins championships’ always rings true.  Looks like the Falcons are officially back.

Prediction:  Bills- 13, Jaguars- 24
Result: Bills – 3, Jaguars – 10
Analysis:  If you only score 3 points in a playoff game, you can’t expect much. 

Prediction:  Panthers- 21, Saints-  28
Result: Panthers – 26, Saints 31
Analysis:  As I mentioned, I think this was the best game of the weekend.  Lotta respect for the Panthers as it looked like they were toast, but they battled back to make it a game.  Saints look great and can beat you in so many ways.  The Vikings/Saints next week is gonna be awesome.