Keys to the Big Game – A Think Piece

I’ve really tried not to think about the Super Bowl much.  I’ve seen enough of these that I know it will probably be uncomfortably close, and the thought of that makes me fussy.

That being said, I wanted to highlight a few things that I think will be key.  (Im trying not to include things like ‘win the turnover battle’ because….duh”)

I guess if closing out a double dynasty was easy, everyone would do it.  Here are some thoughts:

Bend, But Don’t Break – I am officially stumped by the Patriots defense.  They started out this year as a clown show, but buckled down throughout the year.  When I expected them to continue the trend against Jacksonville (A bad offense), they totally regressed.  They let up chunk play after chunk play mostly on check downs.  How is that possible?  We would have great coverage and Bortles would flip it to his running back in the flat.  The entire point of that defense is to force that throw and make a tackle….but no one was there to cover the outlet!  They would turn a broken play into 40 yards on the regular.  Now we face a better quarterback in Nick Foles, and at this point I am expecting to get torched between the 20s.  

I just need to force them to kick field goals and we will be ok.  If we don’t look totally hapless on defense and can buckle down in the red zone, I really like our chances.  (Im also hearing a lot about Run-Pass options….lets stop those too.)

Outlast To Win – I think the Eagles are going to come out with their hair on fire.  I’m not expecting to win the first quarter, especially knowing our track record.  The Super Bowl is way longer than a normal game.  If we can even just keep it close early, I think we can exhaust the Eagles and take advantage of their excitement.

No Lead Is Safe – For either team.  Gotta play the full 60 to win this one.  (OK this is one of those wicked obvious ones.  Hand up.)

Spread ‘Em Out – How do we attack this Eagles offense?  I say we use the pass to set up the run.  The Eagles will be counting on generating pressure with their front four…no word yet if they are crazy enough to send extra pressure.  The easiest way to beat that is to go five wide and spread them out as much as possible.  Get the ball out fast.  Let’s see how confident they are in their 4th cornerback, cause you know that is where Brady is gonna be looking.