Patriots players ignore the hype during Super Bowl week

Bill Belichick said it best according to Tom Brady - Super Bowl week is full of ridiculous bullshit that really doesn't mean anything.

No team is better at handling ridiculous bullshit than the Patriots, who have been in the Super Bowl eight times now in the Belichick-Brady era. They know exactly how to play the week.

"You just kind of tune it out," James White said. "You come in here to win a football game. There's all this hype around this game. Biggest game of the year and whatnot. But we can't overhype it. It's still football at the end of the day. You want to go out and put your best foot forward, have fun, and just do what you've been doing all year long."

"We deal with media all week during the regular week," added David Andrews. "It's not like something we deal with once a year at this time of year. But everything now is on a bigger scale. The game is obviously on a bigger scale. There's more production, things like that. We just kind of handle that. Move forward. It's gonna be good to get back here, rolling, and preparing for Philly."

The Patriots will get back on somewhat of a normal schedule, as today will mark the first time this week they will practice leading up to Super Bowl LII against the Eagles. They will also practice Thursday and Friday and go through a final walkthrough on Saturday.

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