Ring Envy - What Jaguars Fans Said - 1/21

The Jaguars weren't supposed to be here. But the B.O.A.T. and his top-ranked defense rolled into Gillette Stadium for the AFC Championship Game and were the 54th victim of a fourth quarter comeback by Tom Brady. Jags fans were salivating at the idea of being 15 minutes away from the Super Bowl and then, like most other fan bases, blamed the refs for favoring the Patriots.

I don’t see how we win still but I’m pumped. Even should we lose, this season has been amazing and I’m grateful

The Big Cat is hungry for goat.

60 minute game. 90% of America is rooting for us. I hope we come out like we did against the Steelers using play action.

1980 Olympics........USSR vs. USA..........” Miracle On Ice “.............Upsets happen all the time.

Blake will be MVP this game, bold prediction

I had a dream last night that the Jags won 45-42. Fred Taylor had 90 yards on 38 attempts.....

It's time to beat the evil power....

Even my Daughter, The Hardcore Steelers fan, is rooting for the Jags to beat the cheatriots

What's good Jaguar fans. As most if not all in our forum, I'M PUMPED for this game. I've been up since 11 p.m. last night and if I fall asleep during this game, I'LL WHOOP MY OWN BUTT!!


Blake The Snake Bortles, and the Jags Ball out!!! Duvvvvvalllllllll!!!!

Not a good start

No pressure and easy completion

Aghhhhh!!!!!!!! Fowler!

Defense holds. SACK.

6 for 6 reminds me of 2007 when Brady completed a ridiculous number of passes without a single incompletion.

Gotta convert those

Why the [BLEEP] are we running on 1st again... We aren't opening them up at all

Bortles throwing a little tentatively so far


lets get some points!

Lee can catch... Who'd a thunk

We need to be more aggressive. Throwing a pass on 3rd down that wouldn't have gotten the 1st down even if he caught it isn't going to get it done. There's no tomorrow, hopefully the D can keep it up until we start opening it up on offense.

Looking good here. Not sure if he actually caught it though. We have wide open stuff underneath... they look slow on defense.

Patriots Defense doesn't look too good. They don't look like a championship D.

I see Coughlin is taking notes. I bet those are for halftime.


TD!!!! What a drive!!!

Good [BLEEP]. Beautiful play call

Defense better bring it today. Better gear up because Brady is coming. They have done well so far, its a long game though. WOWOWOWOW!

Ok......now HIT BRADY......he's not the Pope

Every time I get up from the couch they make a big play. I think I'll just quit watching now!

One thing is crystal clear today boys. The Jags belong. OUR JAGS. This game is not too big for them. They go down and score here, and I have a feeling we are in the driver seat for the WIN!

How about another td here? Who's with me?!?!

Keep hitting Brady!

Bortles the GOAT

Oh why can't we trade for Tyrod Taylor??????

Wow patriots in mud on that fake



Huge TD!!!!!!!

grown man football, patriots are done.


Lets not relax like last week

Their defense isn't built to play from behind.

Wooooooooo!!!! Remember the Super Bowl!!! Don't let up! Don't get too hype!

Holy [BLEEP]. Fournette is just running through people. This is [BLEEP] awesome.

This defense knows they’re playing Brady. I don’t expect anyone on defense to be relaxed.

LOL Steve Mariucci predicted Brady would throw 5 touchdowns and Gronkowski with 193 receiving yards

Bill B looked like the coach on the WaterBoy during the championship game looking through the Idiots Guide to Playing Football to try to figure out why he's getting shredded!

Lol at announcer calling for flags

Never underestimate the Patriots and the refs...Far from over

Poz cannot keep up. Do not leave him on Gronk again.

Brady didnt know what to do there..... Lol!

Oh, how I love seeing Brady get hit!!

brady looking like Gabbert

Foot on throat. Score this drive. Get the ball at half

Refs don't want to call anything...

We're in his head BAD. He had insane happy feet there.

Refs. All refs. Not even kidding. 2 TERRIBLE calls that drive. 3 actually.

These damn refs. Cost us a drive and hand New England 7.

DPI was a terrible call.

The delay of game and both penalty calls were valid. We gave NE that score.

That's fine. Won the first half, despite the Pats getting the ball first. Now win the second half, with the advantage of the first drive.

I would have taken 14 - 10 us before the game at the half knowing we'd get the ball to start the 2nd half. The end of the half has me a bit deflated though. We could have dictated the end of the half on offense.

They gotta cool it. Stupid penalties will destroy all that was worked for.

Pats finna lose. They defense is poo and they can’t move the ball without huge penalties. Game is ours

I am not a fan of 2 to's remaining with a min left to go 50 yds for a fg at the end of the half. And u come out and get the ball? Don't get that.

Feeling a nice drive coming, team has been clutch this playoffs responding. Get out there and get some points!!! Defense is due a turnover! LETS GOOOOOO! 30 more minutes and we are in the big dance!

NE always gets the calls! Don't let it come down to a blown call by the freaking refs! Let's take control of this game by scoring on the first drive of the second half. They are great at half-time adjustments and they probably made some calls and money was transferred into the NFL head referees who are looking at the critical plays and the refs on the field so they'll continue to look the other way while we're being held on every play!

Cam? Please no. We NEED YOU!



I took a nap. How is the game going? Defense? Offense?

If our D keeps on playing lights out and we can avoid any more ref blown calls, as long we keep on running the clock down, we can win this game! We have to keep up the pressure, though!

Without Gronk I don't think NE can win.

When are the Pats gonna commit a foul? Have they had one yet?

Keep pounding with 4net. He will get a break eventually. Keep the PI open.

the receiver ran out of bounds on teh pi and should not have been called

The hut on gronk is the Biggest bull I've ever seen

Horrible coachinh not calling timeout on 3 and 7 and the quick punt, we should of buried them now we are in trouble

So, the refs are there. The refs made their presence known. This is a dog fight. Come out on offense and get some points, 3, 7, doesn't matter. Just go out and get something. Keep your defense fresh!

Cmon D just play with composure here. Don't give refs the excuses.

Man this defense is scaring me... where's the heat and why are people wide open again?

Watched the Pats olineman hug Fowler, but no flag.

We ran it backed up against the goal line with 14 to go? Really?

Short field for Brady....

Pats are going to score. This is no surprise. Our game plan needs to be to score.

Are you beginning to feel it all slip away? I am.

Come on.... No handoff to Fournette in that part of the field? I smell rigged....

Ok Hackett. No more roll outs. He needs to snap and drop back. They have adjusted already. Choose better plays.

offense playing scared

Pats' D is for real, boys and girls.

This is chicken crap play calling


The Flea Flicker!

Bortles is unconscious right now

Defense looking good. 15 minutes guys!!! We are winning!!!

10 point lead coming up, hopefully. You cant be upset with that with 1 quarter left. WOW! WE CAN TASTE IT! CAN YOU TASTE IT?!

I'm trying to not be too excited. Brady is still their QB.

We are doing exactly what we have to do to beat Brady. Wow. This is amazing.

Send this bunch of entitled cheaters home with a loss!

Lambo is so gd clutch

Release the Kracken!

What's with the zone???

How the hell do they keep getting cooks on telvin????????

Where was the pressure!!! Stunts or something!






Here's where the refs screw us again!

Will we get a call over the Pats?



PI on Lewis.

Where's the flag?

Mauled Lewis!

Field is flipped. Good enough for now. KEEP IT UP BOYS! WOW WEE!!!!

Brady probably has 4 more possessions........need a stop on at least 3 of them

Alright... this is why they call him the GOAT... Not today though!!! Lets slaughter that damn goat !

Good gawd.

Gotta blitz

We're gonna need more points.

Not looking good

What in the world. Come on. How do we let convert on 3rd and 18.

Brady is elite now time for offense to answer back.

8 plays 85 yards......can’t allow that!

we can't let brady get comfortable

Time to take Amendola out now

Brady’s picking on Myles Jack

How many of these 3rd/4th and 80 are we gonna give up....

Yep, thats why he is the GOAT. Cmon Blake...

85 yards in 3 minutes... cmon d

We need to get a TD. Defense playing like crud. How do you give up a 3rd and 18?

They better go to Fournette on this posession and keep that front 7 honest. Pitchouts would be fine because they are not that quick laterally.

I swear if I see another 2 minute game winning drive from Brady... ugh... cmon Blake.. Lets get a TD here baby!

Gotta win this........Pats won’t give up.

They're keying on Fournette. It ain't working.

Everything from here on out is gravy. Jags fighting the Pats and the refs. Yes the refs. and Yes, I went there. And Yes, I know what you'll say about blaming the refs. Yes the refs!

No flags for us. Knew it coming in though.

They’re just grabbing Lewis at will

2 times mercedes pi, holding by pats oline, referees doing the jags in

No flags. Refs are letting the Patriots play. Not us though. lol.

This is literally what Brady lives for, Jesus christ...

This has to be the final score... no vanilla patty cake defense letting them tie it up. I'm smelling a bitter defeat.

What's so bad is the Pats fans will defend the refs. I can't wait until their 'fortunes' fail.

Refs. lol.

its over isnt it?

Well there's the game

This is such BS.

LOL the fact that they punt it speaks to our offensive failures lately.


3 point lead with 6 minutes to go.......do we have heart?

Come on, run the ball down their throat, burn all the time

If we punt the ball back to Brady it prob is over. This is the game right here boys.

Pathetic....still running for nothing.

So pass interference only applies to Tom Brady?

Who is doing the play calling????? What happened to play action????

What the hell is going on

Terrible play-calling, and putting our defense back on the field. And they're already in field goal range. Overall, not a good fourth quarter.

Everyone and their mother knows you dont give it to Brady with the game on the line with 5 min to go.

Hackett has no balls.

This is on Hackett are you kidding me

This so nerve wrecking

Out coached in the 2nd half.

You can't beat this team at this stage, with the potential Brady/Belicheck swan song storyline, NFL just won't let you

This is absolutely garbage

No pressure. Brady eats zone for breakfast.

Now we have people limping off. I don't see us holding them to 3 here. We aren't stacking the line.

People are blaming the refs ? Look at our playcalling. Where is Corey ? Why running Fournette in the middle for 1 yard ?


Yea, no way were gonna score. Screw this

Where was this elite defense?

It's like this was scripted to make it look like the Pats came back again. This is nothing but crap, but did you not expect this?

And the Jaguars had a 20-10 lead earlier in the second half.

offense 100% passive punk mode caused this.

Bottles needs to nut up or get off the team...this is it

Game is not over yet! Have some faith Jag fans!

Yea screen pass would have been nice. Now it's 3rd and a mile.

Bortles scared to run with it. Now the offensive line isn't holding up.

2 down territory. Don't try to get it all on 3rd

I might.cry. either way we gotta remind ourselves, it's been a good season

I can't watch guys.

It was fun guys

Stupid play calling by abandoning play action earlier in the 4th.

That's that.

The NFL has to take a hard look at officiating..it has to be better.

[BLEEP] my whole life. [BLEEP] the Patriots.

Hey guys, lets play like we have a 400 point lead against Tom Brady, what could go wrong?

I am sick to my stomach right now. Totally blew it.

Such a good play by Gilmore there.

I can't believe the Patriots Defense has stepped up like this. They're not that good,, they've just elevated big time in this moment.

Lol, elite D my butt

that's the game.


Disappointing, but I didn't expect us to get this far. No matter what, it's been a great season and we are a young team with all of our key players coming back. Our this chapter maybe over, but our story hasn't ended. It's just beginning.


Another year of the Patriots. So sick right now. Played to lose, not to win. FFS. Up 20-10... Nice choke job Jags.

Man the AFC is so disappointing, 8 years in a row we deal with these Pats, another damn super bowl appearance. [BLEEP].

Heart breaking. So close. What an effort, the Pats were given massive help by the refs, we left some plays out there but it's hard not to look at that 1st down taken away at the end of the 1st half where we were driving and then penalties taking them to the 1. That changed the game.

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