Ring Envy - What Titans Fans Said - 1/13

After staging a 19-point comeback against the Kansas City Chiefs, the Tennessee Titans rolled into Gillette Stadium as one of the worst divisional round opponents the Patriots have ever played. It didn't seem that way early on, but the game wound up going the way everyone expected - a Pats blowout. Titans fans were hopeful heading in but once things went south, they resorted to rooting for Tom Brady to be injured and for Mike Mularkey to be fired.

Titan Up. We're going to pound that rock and Delanie and Jonnu are going to eat today. 23-21 win for the good guys.

We have nothing to lose! If we don't turn the ball over I think we can pull off the upset! Let's Go! It's gonna be a long day waiting on kickoff!

This game is going to be a lot closer than people think.

I'm sorry for the outburst, but I'll be damned if someone disrespects this site without me saying something. Bottom line, WE ARE HERE & WE CAN BEAT THEM!!!!! MOTHA FUUUUCCCCK NEW ENGLAND, TOM, BILL, and THE REFS THAT ARE IN THE NFL's Pocket!!!!

We have to make sure we don't get beat deep, and we have to touch Tom up. I really like our chances. Sorry ass Miami beat them!!!!

I thought I was gonna miss this game today because Hawaii Civil Defense accidentally sent out a nuclear attack alert. Hey, it's 2018...seemed reasonable.

That nuclear attack alert that Hawaii got at 8:08 am (seriously, 808) is further proof that Belichick will stop at nothing to throw the game his way.

I hope Cyrien KOs Gronk early in the game just like he did to Kelce. We need the savages to take over this game for the Titans to win. Big hits on Brady to get him rattled and consistent pressure in his face. Go Titans!


So tired of hearing about the Patriots and accolades, let's shut the critics up tonight.

We getting raped already

Wohoooo! Rack with the hurry. GREAT FREAKING JOB DEFENSE

I'd like to knock Brady down a few times early, just to remind him he is 40.

Nice start. But brady got all month to throw. Need better pressure.

My internal body temperature is on fire right now lol

We just can't let the Patriots defense win this game.

I bet Brady is warmed up now.....70 yards TD to Cooks

I knew it was going to be a hard task to do something from our 8 yard line.

WRs are so lazy. Smh.

So mad we've gone right back to the jumbo sets that DON'T WORK

Pinned back again. Don't look for anything except the first two pages of the playbook.

F*ck off Tom Brady

BREAKING NEWS: The Titans are still tied right now



That was beautiful!!!




7-1 when the Titans score first. Hello.

If we could get any pressure on Brady...

Come on defense dont let us down!

Now is the time to stay aggressive. Please don't start with that prevent defense crap.

We having fun yet? 25% of the game down and I think I am more impressed with a 95-yard drive than I am being up 7-0.

I think we just woke up the Sexy beast, I'm afraid. :(

WTF looks like D just stopped playing

Where'd the defense go wtf was that?

I swear the offense and defense can't play well at the same time. Ever. Ever.

Come on defense, please play you're down 18..

We score the first TD and celebrate like we sealed the game, Brady laughs and scores right back in 2 seconds. Sigh.

We played zone that entire drive and they exploited the **** out of it

Freaking decker....

F***ing Decker! He's been killing us this year!

And here comes the fix

F*** the refs!!!

Bull**** call.

Right...on....que refs! Patriots start getting a little momentum....on a big third down that would be huge...you call that.

Lol Romo low key just said Davis would be a star player with better coaching.

What a bull**** call to stop the drive. **** New England

Effing SysTom and his dink and dunks

NE coaches have adjusted. Ours won't.

McDaniels absolutely carrying this ugg wearing bum

It's cool, maybe we think we can come back down 21 against Brady and Belichick too...

Defense just took a **** on the field. Is no one going to cover the RB???

So this is the game everyone predicted.

The Pats stopped running, same thing Pitt did when they starting to romp us. Hopefully someone gets a hit on Brady, even at the risk of a big play, need to hit him or we are done...

Play some friggin man. Lebeau sitting in the soft zone again with no blitzing. Can we at least make Brady earn it?

Why can't we make adjustments in game and not wait until the end of the half?

Lol ref ref ref. We sound like every team playing the pats. Defense got totally crushed last two drives. No ref help.

Patriots are the sole reason I sometimes question whether or not some games are fixed.


Big stop! Go D!

Refs are ****ing us over.

What in the literal ****

Idc how classless this is but just start trying to end careers now.

**** new England and **** the NFL.

See! Same push from Gronk that we saw called on Decker! Do they call it on Gronk?! F*** NO!!!

Wow, see how Brady throws the ball PAST the first down marker on 3rd down... Such genius offense to go for a 1st down on 3rd down.

I want to **** the refs so bad!!!!!!

Fatass...our best player tho...LMAO

Man it sucks to watch your defense get gashed after they should have been off the field already. Such bull**** idk if I can stand to watch the 2nd half.

Brady is the GOAT for a reason. He's crazy accurate on these little dink and dunk passes. Mariota isn't there yet.

flaT OUT cheating this quarter

Well there's the 14 point spread, good thing were a second half kinda team right?


I can't take this anymore

Why take a timeout???????????

******* Mularkey strikes again!!

Horrible time management


******* Henry. Idiot

Lol Romo questioning Mularkey every time he makes a decision. Our head coach is a joke!!!!! What a 4th down call!!!!!!

WTH. I hope at the very least Mularkey was exposed on that drive

That run was one of the dumbest things I've ever seen in a playoff game.

My god why did anybody ever tell Mularkey his job was safe

fatass and d line have SUCKED

Don't worry guys, players love him, therefore he's our coach for the next 5 years.

Someone needs to get a hold of that guy that oversees the refs tell them to clean this **** up.

We can play with NE. Even think we can beat them. But not with the extra special officiating and Robidumbass calling plays.

both lines are getting butt****ed tonight

Patriots about to run it up now...


The steelers will take care of these cheaters


I'm just happy this average Titan's team made the divisional round.

Byard showing off on a 1st down incompletion. Lol

If these last two drives don’t show you how pathetic Mike Mularkey is, I don’t know what to tell you. Embarrassing.

**** these refs and **** Tom Brady hope the Steelers or jags break his leg in half.

fatass???????????????????????? OH, fatass??????????????

I can't stomach this coaching staff for another season.

9 completions to WR. Some would consider that improvement, lol.

******* patriots still throwing deep up 35 to 7. SMH

I really hope the NFC wins this year.

We could learn a lot from the Patriots about playing to win. I don’t mind them going all out every play. If our guys don’t like it, they should stop it.

Gerrit Cole to the Astros. Nice deal.

We still have 3 TO. Use 'em.

Hopefully we can beat Brady when he's 47 years old.

Mularkey should have trolled Belichick and called a timeout on 4th down.

Highly disappointed in our effort tonight. Especially coaches.

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