RKK wants to keep this thing we've got going together

Designing Sport
You never not what you're going to get when Bobby gets on the mic. Sometimes you get "We're all Patriots!" gems and sometimes you get cringe worthy attempts to get the crowd to say "One More!" He's usually drunk so I can hardly blame him for the mixed bag.

But Sunday before the game Kraft did an interview with NFL Network and said "Life is difficult, especially if you're doing things at a high level. Having continuity, keeping things going. ... You know that fact that Tommy and Bill Belichick and my family have been together for 18 years. There's a lot of strong-minded people, but when you have something good going, everybody's got to get their egos checked in and try to hold it together."

This is obviously in response to the ESPN farce that was published two weeks ago about the end of this holy trinity. I've heard people saying it implies that there are problems between them if he's talking about keeping egos in check.

Wrong. He's just saying that's what it takes to keep a wolf pack of alphas together. It's what they have always done and it's what they will continue to do until Tommy retires in 2050. I don't care about these comments at all. All I care about is what he's going to say up on the podium on February 4th when they hand him Lombardi number 6.