The Calm Before The Storm

This isn’t going to be one of those Patriots pump up pieces.  I’m not even going to reference the Tom Brady “I am the storm” poem.  (I sneaky did reference it without referencing it…veteran move)

I’m not gonna panic, gloat or sweat the Super Bowl in any way.

Instead, I’m gonna sit back, relax and enjoy where we are at this moment.

The reason is that it’s sneaky hard being a Patriots fan.  I never get tired of winning, but people from loser cities forget that winning is a process.  My life is so regimented by Patriots football because every game matters, and as we know: availability is just as important as ability.  

We are in a dog fight from day 1 trying to win the division, clinch the number one seed, get a bye, host the divisional round and host the championship round.  If we slip up at any point, the world comes at us with a fury.  Even when we win, there is the inevitable hit piece or seemingly baseless cheating accusation.  As a result we are on the wall 24/7.  When Belichick chanted no days offs, he meant the whole region.  

I admit that it takes a lot out of me.  Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t change it for the world.  But there is some small part of me that envies Brendan the loser Jets fan, who has to care more about fantasy football than his own team.  Or Neal the pompous Giants fan brought down low under the yoke of his own false bravado.  Their approach and existence is just so….trivial.  They get to concentrate on having fun and drinking instead of kicking their dog on a dropped third and long.  Nothing is trivial when you’re winning Lombardi trophies.

(Just to clarify:  I do not kick dogs or condone the kicking of dogs.  I only meant it in a non-literal sense to provide a hyperbolic effect).   

So here we are again.  On the precipice of history.  Only ourselves to outpace.  Truly existing in rarified air.  Facing the team we defeated to close out the dynasty.  A chance to close out a second dynasty.

I won’t take this for granted, and we have had our fair share of luck.  I just hope we are well rested and ready to rock next Sunday.  (We always get off to such a slow start in Super Bowls!  Yuck!)

So enjoy your bye week.  I know I will.  

P.S.   We are due to win a blowout Super Bowl right?