Dexter Manley incoherently says Tom Brady is not the GOAT

Former Redskins defensive back and two-time Super Bowl champion Dexter Manley doesn't seem to agree with Tom Brady being called the GOAT.

On NBC Sports Washington, Manley said he believes Joe Montana is historically better than Brady, but really gives no legitimate reason why he feels this way.

24/7 Sports:

“Joe Montana, he was absolutely the best," he said. "These people talk about Tom Brady, he is not a Joe Montana. He’s not the greatest of all-time. Joe Montana, to me, is the greatest of all-time.”

“I just think people give Tom Brady too much credit," Manley continued. "It's a team effort. No. 1, he gets the ball out of his hand quick. He has good mechanics, but he’s no Joe Montana. My daughter could out-run Tom Brady. Joe Montana is the best of all-time. He’s the best passer -- him and Dan Marino. That guy don’t fit in those categories. I don’t care what they say.”

If Manley paid attention to the stats, which he probably doesn't because he doesn't know how to read or write (he used to have people sign his game checks for him because he couldn't do it himself), he would know Brady is fourth all-time in passing yards with 66,159. Any guesses where Montana is on that list?


Brady ranks 13th all-time in completion percentage (63.9%), while Montana is 15th (63.2%) and Marino is tied for 51st (59.4%).

And since when did being able to be fast matter when discussing historically great quarterbacks? Peyton Manning was slow too and he's up there as one of the best quarterbacks ever.

I could keep going, but I think I've said enough.

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