Emotional Malcolm Butler says Patriots gave up on him

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Once a Super Bowl hero, Malcolm Butler was an afterthought last night. Butler did not play a single defensive snap in the Patriots Super Bowl loss to the Eagles and he believes the team gave up on him.

"They gave up on me," Butler said after the game. "F---. It is what it is."

Butler was apparently not a part of the game plan during the week and some of the players knew it, but nonetheless, it might be one of the worst coaching decisions by Bill Belichick ever.

Despite his up-and-down play this season, Butler believes he could have helped the Patriots win.

"It was a coach's decision. ... I don't know what it was," an emotional Butler said as he walked toward the team buses with his family. "I guess I wasn't playing good. They didn't feel comfortable. I could have changed that game, though.

He had all the reason in the world to believe that, too. The Eagles consistently picked on Rowe throughout the game.

After this, it's safe to say Butler will not be back next year.

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