Foxborough PD offers update on Gronkowski break-in

Boston 25 News

Not long after the Patriots arrived back from Minnesota after Super Bowl LII, police were called to the Foxboro home of Rob Gronkowski for a reported break-in.

Not much was offered from the Foxborough Police Department's release, though it was emphasized in no uncertain terms that Gronkowski's privacy is foremost. They did confirm that property was taken from the home -- amid reports that safes and/or firearms were taken -- but didn't comment much further.

"The Foxboro Police consider this a routine crime investigation from a police perspective," the department said in the release. "Out of respect for the homeowners [sic] privacy and because this remains a very active and dynamic criminal investigation the police are not releasing any information about items stolen or possible suspects as this case moves forward."

Police chief William D. Baker also addressed reporters at a press conference, essentially repeating the release and asserting the need for Gronk's privacy.

"Whether you're Rob Gronkowski or Bill Baker, being a victim of a residential property crime like that is unpleasant, so out of respect for Mr. Gronkowski's privacy...we're not going to be releasing any information right now on what was stolen or whether any suspects exist.

"It's kind of a tough combination to have suffered this unfortunate loss and to get home and be a victim of this kind of crime, which, as I say, really has a profound affect on everybody who's a victim of this crime when your personal space is breached like that."

While Massachusetts State Police assisted in the initial investigation, they have not offered comment on the matter. It looks like the FPD may have it from here.

The case almost evokes memories of the aftermath of Super Bowl LI, when Tom Brady's jersey was stolen after the game and later recovered in possession of a journalist in Mexico. Of course, there's plenty of questions raised -- was anybody watching Gronk's house for the week? Does he use any kind of video surveillance? Can anybody just try leaving Patriot property alone while they play in a damn Super Bowl?

You can view the police department's release, as well as Chief Baker's press conference, below.