Hey Everyone, Let's All Point and Laugh at the Colts


By now, we all know of Josh McDaniels' abrupt decision to decline the Colts' head coaching gig, and it's the best thing to happen between the Patriots and Indy since the Swinging Gate.

Sure, it was kind of a rough move on McDaniels' part -- as hilarious as it may be, that can't be denied. But as Colts GM Chris Ballard addressed reporters this morning, it's too easy to just laugh at him. No sir, he's most assuredly Not Mad.

"I live in a black and white world, either you're in or you're out," Ballard told reporters. "I didn't want the explanation."

Fair enough, that's not unreasonable. Not a bad way to look at things there, the kind of speak you'd expect at a general manager's presser.

But it's how Ballard ended the press conference that you just can't help but find hilarious. (I would also point out that he has the overall demeanor of a young lad on his way to a dentist's appointment, but he may always come across that way).

"The rivalry is back on," Ballard said, before collecting his notes and walking off the podium.

[record scratch] Wait, what now?

Is it really a rivalry if the Colts haven't won since the 2009 season and the Pats are 51-29 against them all-time? NFL analyst Warren Sharp has a great breakdown of the numbers since this decade started.

Yeah, that's a stretch. Sure, both teams will play this coming season and the Colts have a chance to break that drought, but calling it a rivalry is a bit of a stretch. Ballard's quip elicited a laugh from the assembled press, but I'm sure it's what his players want to hear.

Then again, this is the team with the 2014 AFC Finalist banner hanging in their stadium. Something like this is to be expected.