PatriotsLife editor Jesse Gaunce loses bet, dons Eagles jersey

Jesse Gaunce/Facebook
Having known and worked with PatriotsLife editor/fearless leader Jesse Gaunce for several years, I can tell you he's a man of many things. He's a regular dude, he likes to drink beer, he loves his family. Rock, flag and eagle, right Charlie?

He's a native of the Philadelphia area, where he currently holds the title of Philly's Biggest Boston Fan. (I remember going to a Bruins-Flyers game with him in South Philly a few years ago, ready to step in if anybody gave him flack -- though we did bump into Doc Emrick after the game, but that's a story for another day). Being such a diehard, you can bet that the lead-up to and immediate aftermath of Super Bowl LII was an interesting experience.

Part of that experience included, unfortunately, losing a bet. This bet stipulated that Jesse had to wear an Eagles jersey, and being the honorable man he is, he delivered, as pictured above.

Not exactly something we're all used to, but despite that thousand-yard stare, he's still looking handsome. A Lannister always pays his debts, right?

If you happen to come across Jesse in an Eagles jersey, fear not. Just give him your favorite 25-point lead joke -- that'll brighten everybody's spirits.