Ron Borges took a fake story and ran with it because how else is he supposed to stay relevant?


Ron Borges of the bankrupt Boston Herald wrote a made up story this morning about Tom Brady wanting a contract similar to Jimmy Garoppolo's or he'd skip OTAs because he needed to try and get back into the spotlight.

The report was quickly shot down when WEEI found out one of its listeners was pretending to be Brady's agent, Don Yee, and texted Borges saying Brady was prepared to hold out.

The original story has been deleted.

This is a terrible look for Borges. For starters, he hasn't been relevant in years. Additionally, you'd think a "journalist" with as many years in the business as he has would know not to rush a story like this. Going off a single source via a text message is a huge no no.

But I guess even bad publicity is good publicity for Borges. Now if only we could ship him and Ben Volin out of town.

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