Robert Kraft says he's seen Gronk work out after hours

Mark J. Rebilas | USA TODAY Sports

Will he, or won’t he? That is the question.

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is still contemplating retirement after the idea was brought up following the team’s Super Bowl LII loss.

There has been no definite word on whether or not the big man will be back, but there have been some good signs lately – as Patriots’ team owner Robert Kraft recently mentioned that he has seen the All Pro tight end working out after hours.

“Well, I saw him a few weeks ago come into the building after hours,” Kraft said. “But, I should say one thing, when it comes to Gronk, I’ve met a lot of people in my life, I’ve never met anyone like him. If the good lord lets us come back as someone, I’ve said it before, he’s the most carefree, happy, up-kind of guy. I must say I sort of got excited seeing him vault up on Shaq’s shoulders. For a guy that size to be able to hop up on a 7’2” or whatever Shaq is, is pretty cool. So that speaks well for his potential athletic moves this coming year.”

It’s not a concrete indication of Gronk’s future, but it is a good sign that he’s putting in extra time after hours. And it’s even better that Kraft noticed.

But what will sway the veteran tight end’s decision? Will the Patriots increase his contract or boost his incentives to persuade him? We’re going to have to stay tuned to find out just what happens.

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